Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Month: April 2013

Language: An Essential Building Block for Learning

Apr 22, 2013
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One of the most important skills a child needs to develop in the early years is language. It is a critical building block for learning. Children need ‘serve and return’ interactions with adults, right from the start. In fact, the latest neuroscience research tells us that a child’s language development actually begins in utero. We now […]

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Talk With Technology

Apr 16, 2013
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Technology is often criticised for hampering children’s language and communication skills. There is no denying that excessive use of technology (such as too much background TV) is detrimental to a child’s language development, or that inappropriate technology-use can be harmful (for example, baby DVDs have been shown to impair a child’s language skills). However, technology can also […]

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I was Schooled by an Eight Year-Old

Apr 10, 2013
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I had the privilege of presenting two workshops to teachers in Adelaide (Australia) this week. I am always in awe of passionate teachers who give up their ‘free’ time by attending workshops after school and in the evening, as was the case on Monday (and no they do not get paid for this and it […]

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