Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Month: September 2013

Three Tips for Preventing Technology-Related RSI in Children

Sep 25, 2013
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There is no denying that today’s children are spending increasing amounts of time with digital devices. But is this digital exposure coming at a high cost to their physical development? Are children REALLY suffering from RSI?  A generation of children is increasingly suffering from physical ailments related to over-use of digital devices. Recent media reports […]

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Why Knowing Their ABCs and 123s Will NOT Prepare a Child for School

Sep 18, 2013
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Up until a few years ago being ‘ready for school’, meant knowing your letters, numbers, shapes and colours. We thought of ‘school readiness’ in terms of WHAT children needed to KNOW and be able to DO to be successful learners at school. As a teacher, I know that we tended to focus on basic literacy […]

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4 Secret Tips for Getting the Most Out of Children’s Book Apps

Sep 11, 2013
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                Does this sound familiar? “Don’t press that button! Hey, stop swiping at the pig. No, it’s not time to do the jigsaw puzzle- we’re meant to be reading a story!” Aghh- the joys of reading a book app!   Two two small-scale research studies* from the Joan Ganz […]

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Are Photos of Your Children Safe Online?

Sep 1, 2013
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TRUE OR FALSE- Photos taken with smartphones can provide others with information about where the photo was taken? TRUE!!! We all do it. We take a photo of our child doing something ridiculously cute (or at least we think so at the time). We then share it on Facebook or on Instagram or on Flickr […]

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