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3Cs – Guideline to children’s screen content use

In this podcast, Dr. Kristy talks about why it’s important to consider what children are watching on screens rather than focusing narrowly on how much. It’s more important to focus on ‘what’ and ‘when’ children are using screens and also why. But ‘what’ and ‘when’ is more important to consider than simply providing a time metric. How ‘much’ is a narrow interpretation of what a young child’s digital experiences look like. When we consider what our children are doing on screen, we can make careful decisions whether screen time is healthy and helpful or is bordering harmful effects.

She presents the 3Cs that consists of Consumption, Creating and Communication as guidelines in children’s screen content use.


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 I talk to parents throughout Australia about screen-time and how parents can help their children use technology in healthy and helpful ways (and also minimise any potential risks). If you’re interested in having me speak at your pre-school, school local council or community group, Click here ).


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