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Your Answers About Screen-Time and Little Ones

Babies, toddlers

There’s increasing pressure on today’s parents to dunk babies and toddlers into the digital stream early on in life.

But is this a marketing ploy, or are there merits to introducing screens, gadgets and techno-toys to little ones?

As modern parents know, there’s so much conflicting advice when it comes to raising young children in a digital world. It’s hard to know who to believe.

But in this online course I take the guesswork and guilt out of parenting infants (0-3 years) in the digital age. I arm parents with facts, not fears, about what little ones really need to thrive in a digital world. No marketing hype. No media misnomers. Just research-based information that’s essential and digestible for parents (because as a Mum, I understand we don’t have time to sift through all of the research, we just want essential, digestible information).

I empower parents and professionals working with families to make informed decisions about young children and technology, so you can feel confident that you’re not damaging or delaying their development.

In this online course we’ll cover:


// Introduction:

In this module we’ll explore how today’s little ones are being raised in a tsunami of screens and give some insight into why this is hard for modern parents.

[16 minutes]

// Module 1 - When is it okay to introduce technology?

In this module, I share research-based information and advice about the best and safest age to introduce screens to children (so you can finally ditch the guilt for good). We’ll explore essential (but easy to understand) neuroscience for parents, so you can understand how your child’s brain is wired and how screens may be shaping their development.

[30 minutes]

// Module 2 - How much time should they spend with technology?

This module explores what the current screen time guidelines suggest and I’ll share a simple formula to help you calculate healthy screen limits so you don’t need to fret about your child’s health and development. You’ll learn why “screen-time” isn’t necessarily toxic and taboo (it certainly doesn’t have to be avoided at all costs). You’ll understand the 7 essential building blocks for optimal brain development (grounded in neuroscience and developmental research), so you know exactly what developing brains and bodies really need (without having to spend hours reading books and blogs to pull together the essential information yourself).

[31 minutes]

// Module 3 - What should they be doing with technology?

In this module I identify when it’s appropriate and safe to introduce TVs, DVDs, smartphones and tablet devices with little ones (so that you feel confident that your child is using these devices in healthy and helpful ways that won’t compromise their wellbeing or development). We’ll look at the characteristics of quality children’s media so that your little one benefits from screen-time.

[39 minutes]

// Module 4-  Where and when is it okay for them to use technology?

In this module I outline the simple things that parents can do to set up health technology rules from a young age. If we get it right from the start it makes it so much easier in the long-term. We’ll look at specific times of the day and places in the home where we should avoid using screens with little ones (You’ll know exactly how screens can adversely impact kids’ sleep, play and language skills if they’re not used correctly).

[11 minutes]

// Module 5 -  Healthy digital habits from the start

Given that our kids will inherit a digital world it’s important to teach them healthy technology habits from the start. In this module I explore how little ones should use screens (if and when they use them) to prevent harm to their vision, hearing, posture and we’ll consider some of the simple ways we can reduce their exposure to electrometric radiation from WiFi-enabled devices (to minimise any potential adverse health consequences from Wi-Fi routers and baby monitors). We’ll identify the simple and effective things you can do to ensure that your little one benefits from using technology (so you can ditch the mama-guilt for good).

[55 minutes]

// Module 6- Digital dilemmas facing modern parents

In this module I unpack some of the issues that we must consider as parents who are using digital devices. We’ll look at ideas such as ‘sharenting’ (over-sharing parenting issues), our kids’ privacy, techno-glect and other digital dilemmas that we’re facing (without the guilt or confusion). This module forces parents to carefully consider their own technology use and that of their child’s.

[37 minutes]


Designed specifically for:

Parents, educators and health professionals who work with children aged 0-3 year olds.


Approximately 3.5 hour (divided into 6 smaller modules)

Please note, this is an iPad-specific workshop. Some of the information (regarding criteria for quality apps, healthy and safe habits and strategies to manage screen time) is also applicable to Android devices, but the demonstrations relate primarily to iOS devices.

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What's included?

1) Immediate, unlimited access to the video workshop.

You can download the video (and audio files) and save them to your device. The workshop is presented as a series of 6 video-based modules that you can access at anytime, from anywhere in the world, on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

2) 6 video modules (with audio downloads if it's easier to listen than to watch a video)

// Introduction


// Module 1 - When is it okay to introduce technology?


// Module 3 - What should they be doing with technology?


// Module 4-  Where and when is it okay for them to use technology?


// Module 5 -  Healthy digital habits from the start


// Module 6- Digital dilemmas facing modern parents


3) Downloadable PDF documents that you can save or print for future reference

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I’m a children’s technology and development expert (and mum to two young boys!). I help parents ditch the techno guilt and raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline. I take the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age by translating the latest research into practical and digestible information, tips, and tricks for parents so that they can feel confident and assured that they’re raising healthy, happy and balanced kids in the digital age.

Find out more about me here.

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