Screen-time without Scream-time

Manage Your Kids’ Use of Screens AND Keep Your Sanity!

In this video seminar, I arm parents with an arsenal of tools, tips and tricks to help manage kids’ screen time…so that it doesn’t always end in scream-time!

There’s little doubt that our kids will inherit a digital world. So it’s imperative that we help our kids form healthy and helpful screen habits... from the start!


In this video seminar, I explain why it’s important to empower children to manage their screen time (and not let it manage them!). I also explain why our kids have ‘techno-tantrums’ and what parents can do to prevent their onset (yes, there are neurobiological changes going on in their brain that can account for their screaming when you ask for your smartphone to be passed back). I outline the current screen-time guidelines and share a simple formula to determine healthy screen-time limits for your children (so you can finally ditch your guilt). And best of all, I arm you with simple strategies and tools that you can easily implement to help your children control their daily dose of digital.

So stop feeling frustrated that your child’s screen time always ends in tears and tantrums. Equip yourself with simple, effective tools and tricks that will allow you to empower your child to form healthy screen habits (from the start).


In this online course we’ll cover:

// Module 1- Introduction

// Module 2- Why kids need limits

// Module 3- Techno-tantrums

// Module 4- Current recommendations

// Module 5-Determining healthy screen limits

// Module 6- Practical tips for managing screens

You receive these video modules as separate videos that you can download and watch (also available as mp3 audio files if you’d prefer to listen on the go) as well as these BONUS resources:

(i) screen-time audit spreadsheet (Excel file),

(ii) the Media Management Plan (PDF file),

(iii) calculating healthy screen-time limits checklist (PDF file)

(iv) signs of unhealthy screen use checklist (PDF file)

(v) screen-time tokens (PDF file)


Watch a snippet of the presentation here:

IMPORTANT- This is an online video seminar.  Once you’ve purchased the seminar, you can watch it online (this may be slow depending on your Internet connection), or you can download it (as a video or audio file). You have on-going access and can watch it as many times as you’d like (or share it with your husband).


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