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Appy Christmas: How to ‘Gift’ Apps

gift an appThere is no doubt that many children will be hoping for an iPad or iPod Touch under the Christmas tree this year. Receiving a device with no apps is like receiving a battery-operated toy and not having any batteries in the house. Disaster! Time for tears. And this is the last thing you want on Christmas Day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give children some apps to install on their shiny new iPad as a gift? Do you want to be the ‘cool’ aunty or uncle that gives an app as a gift? Do you want to give the gift of a book app that you know a child will love? Well you can. And it is simple. Best of all you can avoid the shops at this crazy time of year.

Here’s how:


Tell me in the comments about what apps you will be ‘gifting’ this Christmas.

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