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Appy Parents: Apps for Finding Quality Children’s Apps

Finding Apps and App Reviews

 As noted in an earlier blog about quality educational apps, parents (and teachers) are faced with the difficult and confusing task of selecting the best apps for their children. With over 700 000 apps in the iTunes App Store alone, this is an onerous task.  This blog post will direct parents to some apps and websites that will enable them to quickly search for appropriate apps to suit their child’s interests, stage of development and needs. This way, you will be selecting an app that is appropriate for your child.


Apps for Finding Apps (yes that is right!)

There are apps for finding apps (yes, there are apps for everything). The following apps can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.


KinderTown AppKinderTown-This is an OUTSTANDING app for parents. It is “an educational app store for busy parents”. With this app you can search for educational apps by device (iPad, iPod or iPhone), age, subject and/or price and all apps are reviewed by educators. There are some video reviews you can watch in the app as well and you can recommend apps to other people.

Whilst it is an example of a ‘freemium’ app (the app is free to download, but it has an in-app purchase), the free version works perfectly. The in-app purchases consists of a “Power Parent” membership which provides access to free apps that have been KinderTown approved and will also include “Power Packs” designed to help parents really focus on teaching a specific learning concept. The Power Packs include detailed app recommendations, activities, videos, and other resources. Well worth the $AUD4.49!


Kids Media  by Common Sense MediaThis FREE app allows parents to search for reviews of apps, video games, movies, music and TV shows. This app provides age-based ratings and expert reviews on a range of children’s media and not just apps. This app can be installed on an iPhone or iPad and allows parents to access age-appropriate media reviews on the go. Another brilliant app for parents.



DiscovrDiscovr Apps- Discover new apps– this clever app allows users to enter the name of an app that your child already uses and likes. It then searches through a database to find similar apps. This app develops a ‘mind-map’ and allows you to find apps with similar functionality to an app previously used. As the figure shows below, the ‘iMovie’ app was initially entered and a series of similar apps was generated in a spider-type configuration. When ‘ReelDirector’ was then clicked another semantic configuration was generated.


In our next blog post we will explore some websites that you can use to locate educational apps for children. Apps are currently being updated and launched so these websites can help parents access up-to-date information quickly and easily.


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