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Appy Parents Part 2: Website & Blog Reviews

Websites & Blogs-In our last blog I shared suggestions about ‘apps for finding apps’. Yes, there are apps for just about EVERYTHING, so it is little wonder that there are apps for parents to use to find apps for their children. In addition to ‘apps for apps’ there are also websites that parents (and teachers) can use to find quality, educational apps for children. There is a wealth of websites that review apps for young children and it is certainly worth visiting these sites every now and then to discover any new ‘gems’, as apps are constantly released. Another tip is to LIKE our Facebook page. This is where you can also receive the latest educational app suggestions and tips for how children learn and develop in a digital age.


The following websites are recommended as they have educators review and categorise the apps. It is important to remember once again, that young children need to use more than ‘drill-and-skill’ apps. Examples of such ‘drill-and-skill’ apps are letter-name, colour recognition, number tracing, multiplication game and handwriting apps. Whilst these apps are wonderful consolidation tools, they place an artificial ceiling on what children can learn. Young children need to use more constructive, open-ended apps where they create and manipulate digital content (for example, digital stories using Toontastic).


Recommended Websites for App Reviews

Appitic– this is a website that has been established and maintained by Apple Distinguished Educators (teachers with extensive experience and expertise with Apple products). Parents can search for apps for children in primary (elementary for our US friends) school, according to various subject areas (called themes on the website). For example, parents may be looking for an app on multiplication. They can search under ‘mathematics’ and then look for appropriate apps. Parents can also search for apps for preschoolers.


Teaching Appz– This website has been established by a British teacher. Parents and teachers can search for apps according to a subject area of by age range or even by device (including Android devices). The only problem, is that there is a large age range (0-5 year olds) and we know that what a 2 year old can do with an iPad is vastly different to what a 5 year old can do. Otherwise, it is a great app.


Children’s App Review– this blog has been set up by children’s media expert, Cynthia Chiong. It contains very thorough reviews of apps for children aged 3- 8 years. Parents and teachers can search for apps by suggested age range, ratings (Cynthia provides a rating for each app reviewed) and price. A great blog to help parents of younger children source quality apps.


Common Sense Media– This comprehensive website not only provides app reviews but also reviews of ALL children’s media (video games, TV shows, DVDs, movies). You can search for apps (and other children’s media) by age, subject and skill. This website is VERY comprehensive: parents can read sections on ‘what parents need to know’ and ‘Learning Potential’ for EVERY app. Definitely a great resource for parents (and teachers) to use,



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