Balancing kids’ screen-time with green-time

Nov 3, 2015
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Many children today spend their idle time staring at screens and not at the sky. Kids today are tethered to technology and as a result, many children are experiencing a ‘nature deficit’. When kids are spending too much time with technology they’re not spending enough time in nature and this has implications on their development […]

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Danielle Wright Interview

Oct 28, 2015
Posted in , Sleepy Magic, by Danielle Wright, is a gorgeous and invaluable gift for those looking for a new technique to help get their children to sleep in a calm and peaceful manner. Imagine not having to dread the kids’ bedtime Imagine not having to trek back and forth from their bedrooms to negotiate, settle and soothe […]

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Oct 23, 2015
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  Is ‘brexting’ (breast-feeding your baby whilst using your smartphone) really that bad? Is brexting really different from watching TV, reading a book or taking a quick nap whilst feeding a baby? Nobody criticised these habits, so why are we finding yet another thing to criticise mums about? Or do we need to fret? Is a […]

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Are Headphones Bad for Kids’ Ears ?

Sep 24, 2015
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Dangerous Decibels: Are Headphones Harming Children’s Hearing? Getting kids to listen is difficult at the best of times. We often joke that our children’s hearing may have been harmed because of all of the loud music that they listen to. But there may be some truth in this claim. Noise-induced hearing loss is a serious […]

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Do Kids Learn More From Handwriting or Typing?

Sep 10, 2015
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  Is Typing or Handwriting Better for Kids? The keyboard versus the pen.  Which is better for children’s learning? As laptops and tablets become commonplace in schools many parents and teachers are left wondering if note-taking with paper and pencil will become an obsolete skill.   Do young children still need to learn how to […]

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Why Background TV Isn’t Healthy For Little Ones

Aug 26, 2015
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Leaving the TV switched on throughout the day is commonplace in many homes. It’s often just the “done” thing.   So parents are often quite shocked to learn that there are unintended consequences of “background TV” on their child’s development. I live by the mantra by Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.” I […]

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Is Background Music Okay for Kids?

Aug 12, 2015
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Is background music helpful or harmful?   Parents are often shocked to learn that background TV can be detrimental to children’s development. In many homes, background TV is like the soundtrack for everyday life and seems quite benign.   So it comes as quite a shock to most parents to discover that background TV can have […]

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The Mumpreneur Show: Dr. Kristy Goodwin on raising digital kids, best apps for kids, business challenges and being mum

Aug 4, 2015
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I got interviewed on the Mumpreneur Show podcast where I talked about raising digital kids, best apps for kids, business challenges and being mum Shownotes from Mumpreneur  Show Podcast: Dr Kristy Goodwin is an expert on kids and technology. She is the Director of Every Chance to Learn, she runs practical and engaging workshops and seminars […]

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Boost your baby’s BQ – Dr Kristy Goodwin says baby’s brains need to see your face

Jul 30, 2015
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  How to boost your Baby’s Baby Quotient (BQTM), to promote optimal brain development and give your baby the best chance in life. Early Childhood Development Researcher and manduca ambassador, Dr. Kristy Goodwin, explains her top tips to maximize your baby’s BQ.  1.      Put away your smartphone – babies need laps not apps! Dr. Goodwin explains that many […]

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Response to 60 Minutes Episode: Toddler Tech Addition?

Jul 29, 2015
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The 60 Minutes episode called Screen Addicts has caused much concern amongst parents and early childhood educators. I’ve been inundated with parents of young children asking me to share my insights so I thought this blog post would answer some of your questions and help guide you in terms of how to manage children’s screen-time […]

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Why Kids’ Bedrooms Need To Be Tech-Free Zones

Jul 13, 2015
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Now this post certainly won’t make me popular with many parents and it certainly won’t be popular with kids, but it’s nonetheless important.   In this episode I discuss why it’s important for children’s bedrooms to be “tech-free” spaces. In an ideal world this means no gadgets in bedrooms at all.  No TV, iPads, gaming consoles.  Absolutely nothing. […]

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Why screen-time is NOT the most important thing ?

Jul 2, 2015
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  As a children’s technology, learning and development researcher one of the most common questions I’m asked relates to “screen-time”. It’s something we all grapple with as parents and educators too.   So in this post I discuss why the “how much screen-time” question is not as important, as two other questions. How much is […]

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