raising your Child
in the Digital Age -
The Three Things You Must Know!

Are you suffering techno-guilt? Feel like the balance is off and want to know how to correct it?

Join me, Dr Kristy Goodwin, for my virtual book launch as I share the 3 essential elements to healthy and helpful screen time for kids.

I'll share with you 3 essential things that modern parents really need to know to about raising healthy kids in a digital world (without having to ban the iPad, or unplug the TV). I'll explain why it's critical that parents consider:

// if their child's screen-time is interfering with or compromising their child's basic needs,

// boundaries around WHAT, WHEN and HOW children can use screens, and

// why it's essential to balance kids' green-time and screen-time.

Let me help you ditch your techno-guilt for good!
Join the webinar and learn simple things that you can do to ensure that your child’s screen-time isn’t derailing their development.

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