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Ouch! You’re in digital burnout territory. It’s vital that you pause and take some time to recharge and examine what are the micro-stressors and digital behaviours that are causing you stress. 

You’re encouraged to share your concerns with colleagues and/or leaders, or people in your support network. You don’t need to face digital burnout on your own. Digital burnout is not the fault of individuals, but rather the organisational digital structures and cultures. So chances are if you’re experiencing digital burnout, some of your colleagues are too.

If you have any specific physical and/or mental health concerns please see a health professional.


This assessment also helps you pinpoint the specific digital burnout symptoms you may be experiencing. Target those areas and the specific micro-stressors by making changes in those specific areas.


Now that you have a better sense of what you’re experiencing and the degree of digital burnout you are experiencing, it’s important to pinpoint what specific micro-stressors are having the most significant impact. Dr Kristy will share some common ways that our digital habits and behaviours are acting as micro-stressors in our lives, potentially leading to digital burnout in her keynote Beat Digital Burnout.

For more information on how to use this assessment with your team please contact Dr Kristy’s team.

Want to know even more about your result? Check out the PDF below!

Three Tips to Beat Digital Burnout:

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1. Take micro-breaks throughout your day as you go between video meetings and emails (5-10 minute breaks will significantly reduce your stress).

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2. Ensure your screen habits aren't sabotaging your sleep. Have a digital curfew at least 60 minutes before you go to sleep.

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3. Ensure you get 90 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day to help with your focus, eye health and sleep. (It can be interspersed throughout the day).