Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Brain Development

Are We Getting Enough Vitamin ‘C’ in the Digital World?

Jul 30, 2013
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As a children’s media researcher I am fascinated (some would say obsessed) with watching how people use technology in the ‘real’ world. When I was sitting in a café last week, I saw something that completely shocked me. It was a fairly typical scene: two women about to enjoy a meal together. Lots of conversation. […]

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Digital Babies

Jul 8, 2013
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There is no doubt that today’s children are born into a digital world. Children now experience ‘digitalised Childhoods’. What about very young babies- is this digital immersion appropriate? What impact is this ‘digital dunking’ having on their very plastic brain? As a Mum, and also as a children’s technology researcher, this is a question I have […]

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7 Signs Your Child May Have a Technology Addiction

Jul 3, 2013
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  “My child’s addicted to technology,” parents frequently lament.   There’s no doubt that children are ‘plugged in’ to digital devices.  And often from a very young age. And switching them off, or playing outside is often met with reluctance (or a techno-tantrum). But are they really “addicted” to technology? So how much is too much? This […]

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See How Easily You Can ‘Disconnect Digitally’

May 27, 2013
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Confession time- in a couple of weeks I am planning an overseas holiday where I will have limited Internet access and I have mixed emotions. On one hand I am nervous about the pile of emails that will amass in my inbox and what I might ‘miss’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand […]

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Talk With Technology

Apr 16, 2013
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Technology is often criticised for hampering children’s language and communication skills. There is no denying that excessive use of technology (such as too much background TV) is detrimental to a child’s language development, or that inappropriate technology-use can be harmful (for example, baby DVDs have been shown to impair a child’s language skills). However, technology can also […]

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I was Schooled by an Eight Year-Old

Apr 10, 2013
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I had the privilege of presenting two workshops to teachers in Adelaide (Australia) this week. I am always in awe of passionate teachers who give up their ‘free’ time by attending workshops after school and in the evening, as was the case on Monday (and no they do not get paid for this and it […]

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Sleep in a Digital Age

Mar 27, 2013
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In a previous post about the essential building blocks for learning, we discussed why sleep is vital for a child’s brain development. Neuroscience is confirming what many parents have known for years: sleep is essential. It is not a luxury, but is instead a basic need. However, in today’s digitally-saturated world, many parents and teachers wonder if today’s […]

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Sleep: An Essential Building Block for Learning

Mar 27, 2013
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As adults we know how poorly we function when we don’t have enough sleep. (Remember those sleepless nights as a parent of a newborn baby and how you would have done anything for some much-needed shut-eye?). The same is true for babies and young children. Sleep is a vital building block in children’s development. It […]

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The Five Essential Building Blocks for Learning

Mar 18, 2013
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We now know more than ever about how babies and young children’s brains are built, thanks to advances in science research. What is interesting to note, is that these new insights are telling us that the way our grandparents parented is in fact the ideal model. It is called ‘ancestral’ parenting and it is simple. We […]

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Educational TV: Does it Really Exist?

Feb 19, 2013
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TV is still the most popular form of media that young children consume despite the advent of new technologies like the iPad and a range of techno-toys. However, TV has long been criticised for having a negative impact on children’s learning and development. Parents will be pleased (and relieved) to know that there is increasing research […]

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