Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Educational Apps for Children

Jan 30, 2013
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Why is it difficult for parents (and teachers) to find quality apps? As the video below shows there are apps for EVERYTHING! With over 700 000 apps currently available to download in the iTunes App Store, it is little wonder that parents (and teachers) are often confused when it comes to selecting quality apps for young […]

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Best Book Apps for Children

Nov 23, 2012
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There is no better gift you can give than a love of reading. So why not ‘gift’ apps as Christmas gifts? Not only are many book apps educational, but they are also quick and easy to ‘gift’. Plus, you will be sure that they are one gift that will be used, well after Christmas Day. For […]

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Simple Strategies for Building Brains: Move and Eat Well

Jul 18, 2012
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Children need to move to learn. This will be nothing new for our grandparents who have always known this. Physical movement actually sets up the neural pathways (the brain connections) required for academic learning to occur. Simple things like crawling, rolling, rocking, swinging and skipping all develop the brain architecture that is needed for later ‘classroom’ […]

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Simple Strategies for Building Brains: Language

Jun 10, 2012
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We know more than ever about how brains develop and the critical role that parents and teachers play in this process. Essential aspects of brain architecture are shaped by a child’s experiences. This development starts before birth and continues at a rapid rate after birth. Many fundamental aspects of brain architecture are established well before […]

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Simple Strategies for Building Brains: Secure attachments, sleep and stress

Jun 1, 2012
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A child’s early experiences form brain circuits that provide the basic architecture of the brain. These brain circuits are constructed through a process that begins early in life (before birth in fact) and continues into adulthood. Much like constructing a house simpler circuits are built first and then more complex brain circuits build on them […]

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