Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Fine motor skills

Are Headphones Bad for Kids’ Ears ?

Sep 24, 2015
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Dangerous Decibels: Are Headphones Harming Children’s Hearing? Getting kids to listen is difficult at the best of times. We often joke that our children’s hearing may have been harmed because of all of the loud music that they listen to. But there may be some truth in this claim. Noise-induced hearing loss is a serious […]

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Five Apps That Will IMPROVE not HAMPER Fine Motor Skills

Oct 7, 2013
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Two recent events I personally encountered have led to this blog post.  First, I was shocked to read that there are now specific occupational therapy programs to help remediate young children’s poor fine motor skills because of their technology addiction. These programs have been designed to develop hand strength to allow today’s digital learners to […]

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Do Digital Children STILL Need Fine Motor Skills?

Oct 2, 2013
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Teachers and grandparents are adamant that they need them. Parents are confused as to whether they them. Today’s children are often lacking in them. Manners? No. I am talking about children’s fine motor skills. Are fine motor skills redundant in a digital age? This is a question that I am frequently asked during Parent Seminars and Teacher Workshops […]

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