Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


The Best Apps for Toddlers

Nov 6, 2014
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As your toddler’s tiny fingers swipe, tap and pinch a smartphone or tablet screen, you simultaneously fill with pride and fear. This is the modern parents’ dilemma.   On one hand you are filled with pride because want your child to be a proficient technology user. There is no doubt that they will inherit a […]

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Can Babies Learn to Read?

Sep 3, 2014
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No doubt you’ve seen the products that claim to teach babies and toddlers to read.  Infomercials tout their benefits, such as “…giving your baby the IQ advantage.”   We’ve got DVD and flashcard kits, apps and even TV programs that propose that as parents we’ll be giving our little one a head start by teaching […]

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Are Tablets Causing Speech Problems

Jun 19, 2014
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Are iPads causing speech problems for young children? Yes, if you believe a recent Sydney newspaper headline.   The article suggested that iPads were responsible for developmental speech impairments in Kindergarten children.   The article claimed that increasing numbers of children were starting school with speech delays and tablets and technology were blamed for the decline in these skills. […]

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Skype Away

Jun 3, 2014
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There are few sounds in the world that are better than a baby giggling. And that hysterical baby giggle, coupled with the gummy smile… Well, it gets me every time. I melt.   And that’s how Billy, my now 7-month old, spent 20 minutes last week. Laughing hysterically with (and at) at Uncle Toddy.   […]

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3 Essentials for Child Brain Development in a Digital Age

Mar 18, 2014
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You are concerned that your child’s brain development is changing because they are leading a ‘digitalised childhood’. You are worried. And rightly so. But the good news is that you don’t need to be. I’m here to explain things.   The headlines decry, ”Technology is re-wiring kids’ brains.” Today’s digital generation are growing up in a […]

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How Young is Too Young to Introduce Technology?

Jan 28, 2014
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Have you seen the latest Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat? It is a reclining baby bouncer seat with a mirror, with the option to slip an iPad (or other tablet device) into the mirror case and show apps and videos to babies. Yes, to babies. Very young babies that can not yet sit up.     […]

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4 Secret Tips for Getting the Most Out of Children’s Book Apps

Sep 11, 2013
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                Does this sound familiar? “Don’t press that button! Hey, stop swiping at the pig. No, it’s not time to do the jigsaw puzzle- we’re meant to be reading a story!” Aghh- the joys of reading a book app!   Two two small-scale research studies* from the Joan Ganz […]

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Language: An Essential Building Block for Learning

Apr 22, 2013
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One of the most important skills a child needs to develop in the early years is language. It is a critical building block for learning. Children need ‘serve and return’ interactions with adults, right from the start. In fact, the latest neuroscience research tells us that a child’s language development actually begins in utero. We now […]

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Talk With Technology

Apr 16, 2013
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Technology is often criticised for hampering children’s language and communication skills. There is no denying that excessive use of technology (such as too much background TV) is detrimental to a child’s language development, or that inappropriate technology-use can be harmful (for example, baby DVDs have been shown to impair a child’s language skills). However, technology can also […]

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The Five Essential Building Blocks for Learning

Mar 18, 2013
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We now know more than ever about how babies and young children’s brains are built, thanks to advances in science research. What is interesting to note, is that these new insights are telling us that the way our grandparents parented is in fact the ideal model. It is called ‘ancestral’ parenting and it is simple. We […]

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