Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Guilt-Free TV: Essential Information for Parents

Feb 11, 2013
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Despite the popularity of video games and more recently the advent of the iPad, TV viewing is still the main type of media that young children use. In Australia each household has an average of 2.2 TVs and children aged between 3 and 5 years watch more than 3 hours of TV/day on average. Therefore, it is […]

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Why Screen-Time SHOULDN’T Matter

Nov 19, 2012
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The title of this blog is NOT a typo. I am going to share some reasons as to why I think that we shouldn’t focus on ‘screen-time’. As someone who is interested in young children’s use of technology and its impact on their development, parents frequently ask me about how much ‘screen-time’ is appropriate for […]

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Will DVDs Build My Baby’s Brain?

Aug 1, 2012
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Today’s parents are under increasing pressure to buy educational goods for their children.   From the moment a child is born, parents are bombarded with toys and products touted as ‘educational’. Parents and teachers are often seduced by the promise that these products will give young children a ‘head start’. But are these toys, gadgets […]

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Simple Strategies for Building Brains: Language

Jun 10, 2012
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We know more than ever about how brains develop and the critical role that parents and teachers play in this process. Essential aspects of brain architecture are shaped by a child’s experiences. This development starts before birth and continues at a rapid rate after birth. Many fundamental aspects of brain architecture are established well before […]

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