Let's get you in my calendar Karen!

Thank you for completing these assessments.  I am sure you will have greater insight into your own patterns from these and I am look forward to exploring them with you further in our time together.

Now it's time to get your sessions scheduled in our calendars.

Ideally your 3 sessions should be a fortnight apart so if possible, please book all 3 now. You can change these up until 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. If you cannot find times at that suit in the links please click here to email Karen with 2 or 3 preferred times for each session and she'll work some magic in my calendar.

🕜 Click here to schedule your first session - 90-minute Review and Reset Coaching Call

🕚 Click here to schedule your second call - 50 minute Coaching Strategy Call

🕤 Click here to schedule your third call - 90-minute Post Program Review Call

We all know that video calls can be fatiguing and stressful at times.  Here are some science-backed solutions to help you so we can optimise our time together on our video coaching calls.