Your Digital Wellbeing Health Check


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If you scored 14-18:
Your Digital Style is

Media Master

Congratulations! You’ve managed to master your tech habits and you’re in complete control of how and when you use technology.

You see your digital devices solely as a functional tool and you manage these tools to your advantage. You have a range of systems in place to manage your digital life, firm boundaries around when and where you’ll check your phone or socials and you have plenty of unplugged time to let your mind wander freely.



If you scored 19-25:
Your Digital Style is

Tech Tamer

It’s time to disable digital distractions and disconnect.

You’re aware that technology can take over your life a bit *too* much at times but you’re developing a range of smart strategies to help you curb your digital dependency.

Whilst you’d like to spend a little less time plugged-in and a lot more time switched off from your devices, you’re just not sure how to do that (without resorting to a digital detox or abstaining altogether because that’s not an option, given your current work and/or family situation).

If you scored 26-33:
Your Digital Style is

Screen Queen

You’re super tech savvy but you experience the adverse consequences of living a screen-saturated life.

More often than not, you feel tired and distracted and never allow yourself time to daydream or just ‘be’. You’re always checking your inbox and can rarely get through a task without your phone or laptop interrupting you. Siri is your constant companion and the incessant pings and dings from your devices hum like background music to your day. You know your physical and emotional wellbeing would improve with less time spent online but you’re just not sure how to tame your troublesome tech habits.

If you scored 34+:
Your Digital Style is

Device Meister

You’re so switched on and tech-savvy that you literally cannot switch off.

You don’t go anywhere without your smartphone. The thought of the battery going flat (or worse still, misplacing it!!) evokes feelings of panic. You suffer from ‘nomophobia’ (i.e. fear of not having your phone in close proximity). You spend your days tethered to your tech, yet justify your habit citing work or family commitments. If you’re completely honest, you know you’re way too dependent on your devices and this is impacting your relationships, health and productivity.