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Digital Burnout?

Digital burnout is a specific type of burnout caused by the prolonged and/or excessive use of digital devices.

It describes feelings of fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity, from a prolonged or inappropriate use of occupational, digital technologies.

In summary, it describes the physical and mental exhaustion caused from excessive digital activity.

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The Digital Burnout Barometer is a tool that can help you identify your personal risk of digital burnout. It will help you to examine your digital behaviours and habits, your current performance  and experiences at work, so that you can ascertain whether you are at risk of digital burnout. 

No identifying data is collected so please rest assured the results are completely anonymous. Data from your team/organisation’s assessment will be aggregated and analysed and stored on a secure site.

You’ll receive your individual results in a downloadable PDF that you can keep for your own personal reference. Your colleagues’ data will be aggregated and analysed and Dr Kristy will use this data to inform and tailor her keynote or workshop for your workplace. A formal written report can also be provided to your organisation.

Before You Begin

This assessment consists of 20 statements. For each statement, mark the level to which it applies, for a ‘typical’ week of work. Answer honestly to give you an accurate insight into your burnout risk.

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Digital Burnout Barometer Assessment - Education Horizons

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I feel run down and drained of physical or emotional energy
I find it challenging to recover my energy after a day working
I work outside my regular work hours
I feel like I’m always-on and can never switch off at the end of the day

*Please note, this is not a scientifically validated assessment and is for your own personal reference only. If you have any serious medical concerns or issues you’re advised to seek the help of a medical professional. This assessment has been adapted from Schaufeli, W.B., De Witte, H. & Desart, S. (2019). Handleiding Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT). KU Leuven, België: Intern rapport. With the help of Russell Watts – Operations Director, Publishing and Ventures @ Penguin Random House UK.

Privacy - I respect your privacy and data from this assessment won’t be shared or sold to any third parties.

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