Want to stop worrying about your child or teen's tech habits?

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How much time is ‘too much’ time?

If you have no idea whether your child's technology habits are totally reasonable or bordering on problematic, you need the Digital Wellbeing Checklist.

It’s a realistic, research-based check-list of simple solutions and tips to make sure the screen time in your house stays in the healthy zone. And not that zone where you’ve been mindlessly scrolling on Instagram for 3 hours while your kid watches questionable videos on YouTube.

Do you...

  • Ever wonder if you’re a good digital role model for your kids?
  • Freak out about establishing boundaries for your teen or tween around screen time?
  • Basically give your toddler free reign of the family iPad because you can’t handle yet another techno tantrum?
  • The Digital Wellbeing Checklist has all the tools you need to create healthy tech habits in your home.
  • Join thousands of other families and professionals who have opted for a healthier relationship with social media, screens and technology.
  • Need a solution for kids who are glued to their screens like zombies? Can’t last even a few hours without checking Facebook?
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Don’t let social media and technology rule your life.

Sign up for the Digital Wellbeing Checklist and take control of your tech/life balance.