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If you’re a busy professional surrounded by screens...

You’ve already heard that taking tech breaks is good for the soul (and the eyes)…

But here’s what you might not know:

You don’t need to completely break up with your screen, but it’s more important than ever to have a healthy relationship with screens - especially when our current usage is causing everything from sleep issues and stress, to distraction and digital eye strain. 

Fortunately, having a few healthy digital habits up your sleeve can make all the difference, and deliver a handful of amazing benefits, like...

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We all want to do more in less time, without sacrificing our health. My tips will give you the energy to tackle your to-do list.

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Do you find yourself falling out of focus (and into distractions like social media or perhaps your inbox) all too often? I’ll show you how to stay on the ball when you can’t afford to switch off.

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Screens can sap your energy, leaving you overwhelmed and drained at the end of the day. With the right advice, you’ll be kicking goals at work and in life.

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At the end of the day, excessive screen time can turn you into an insomniac. I’ll teach you how to get your work done without losing sleep.

Even though escaping the screens seems impossible, a new sense of control and tech-life blend is at your fingertips.

But how can you hack your wired brain?


How can you overcome your tech troubles and digital dependence?

Digital fatigue has followed us home from the office, leaving us feeling switched on and burnt out all at once. The good news is that once you understand what causes that burn out, you will have taken the first few steps away from the screen and towards a health breakthrough. 

And you know what? You don’t have to ditch your devices or give up social media - you don’t even have to switch off (not just yet, anyway). 

By understanding the relationship between your daily routine and your long-term relationship with your laptop, you can rewrite your digital behaviours. 

Many of us have tried (and failed) at #digitaldetoxes or #screenfreesundays and have the best intentions each Monday to set up some healthy digital boundaries, which we’ve ditched by Tuesday lunchtime.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re ready to cut out that feeling of overwhelm and paste in a few new habits geared towards your digital wellbeing, you’re in the right place.

4 Reasons Most People Won’t Change Their Screen Habits (and how to guarantee you WILL)

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I can’t work without it.  

Anyone who spends their working days in front of a screen knows how it feels to be completely reliant on a machine. Aiming to give up screen time altogether might be unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw on a few simple tips to help you get it under control.  (Don’t worry, I don’t prescribe any #digitaldetoxes).

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I can’t live without it.

In a world that uses technology as a portal to social connection, money, and even love, calling it quits on your screen addiction can lead to major withdrawal symptoms. You can wean yourself off of that addictive glow, without abandoning your friends or cancelling your eHarmony date.

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I don’t want to be out of the loop.

The fear of missing out is a big part of what gets us into this excessive loop of connectivity, and it can be hard to break. If you find yourself constantly refreshing your email and social media feeds, adopting a simple, mindful approach to screen time could help. 

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I’m addicted.

If your days are starting to feel like an endless cycle of click-scroll-repeat, it’s time to stop the clock and look in the mirror. Many of us have adopted unhealthy digital habits (perhaps we might call them tech obsessions), but that doesn’t mean you have to let technology consume you.


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How to refresh without shutting down (or going #laptopless)

This course takes everything I've learned from my experience as a researcher, a presenter, and a mother, and presents it in byte-sized chunks that won’t overload your busy mind (or add to your bulging inbox). I’ve worked with large and small organisations throughout Australia and globally to bolster high-performing teams’ productivity and wellbeing. I’ve created the four pillars of digital wellbeing and want to share this information (and practical strategies) with you.

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You’ll be armed with a menu of micro-habits that you can embed into your work and personal life to help you tame your tech habits.

The end result: Staying productive, engaged, and focused throughout your work day, and knowing when to switch off.

This course is designed to help you develop a positive relationship and healthy boundaries with your devices. 

It will help you to: 


Here’s what you’ll get inside…

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Taking stock of your digital lifestyle is the first step in the process of forming new habits, and that’s what this module is all about. In this module, we’ll assess your digital wellbeing performance and dive deep into the motivations behind your current tech habits, without pointing any fingers. We’ll also explore the three main reasons why technology is so appealing (and addictive), so you can finally understand your digital habits.

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Solid boundaries are part of all good relationships, but it’s not always easy to set those boundaries between yourself and your devices. This module explores the problems with relying on willpower to help you put down the phone, and a wealth of strategies and micro-habits you can implement to protect your physical and mental health.

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Getting more done in less time seems like a distant dream for many of us, but a few simple brain-based hacks could bring it within reach. In this module, we’ll explore how to get more done knowing two of your keyt biological markers, discuss the importance of taking "good breaks”, and debunk a few multitasking myths. Again, you’ll be equipped with a menu of micro-habits you can implement to boost your digital productivity.

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As modern technology shortens our attention spans, building a fortress around our focus is more important than ever. This module dives into a menu of mind-hacking micro-habits you can use as a defence against digital distractions, Zoom fatigue, and inbox overload. 

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Many of us are afraid of being disconnected, but without a chance to unplug and recharge, our brains can enter overload. In this module, we’ll learn about the benefits of indulging in regular “green time” and breaks from the online world, and plan out an ideal week (downtime included).

Plus, You’ll Also Get Access to:

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Exclusive Bonus: Taming Email Mini-Masterclass (an $89 value)

Email can turn into a serious time vacuum, but like a new puppy or an unruly hairstyle, it can be tamed. This mini-masterclass will show you how.

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Managing Virtual Meetings Masterclass (a $39 value)

In an era characterised by virtual meetings held in home offices, Zoom fatigue has become a serious problem - here, you’ll learn to manage it and get the most out of virtual meetings.

KG - DWR - Bonus Ipad 3

Daily Planner + To-Do List + Screensaver Templates (a $54 value)

The first step to getting your to-do list under control? Unleashing your inner organiser and writing it down in an effective template, of course.

Imagine what the world would be like if…

  • You felt capable and productive during your working hours 
  • You could step away from your screen without worrying about missing something 
  • Your sleep was no longer interrupted by ringing, buzzing, or pinging
  • You felt like you were in control of your tech (and not the other way around where your tech controls you)

It’s time to find out.


Can I tell you a secret?

You’re allowed to step away from your computer, put down your phone and turn off the TV - and you should.

Kristy kept the audience engaged the entire time. Her information is backed by data and research, and she is able to give practical, day to day tips to help navigate parenting in this digital age.

Jessica Monaghan | Senior Health and Wellbeing Consultant | Reserve Bank of Australia

Thanks again for coming in yesterday and presenting to the company, it was a great presentation.

Paviter Singh | Education Development, South-East Asia | Apple

A brilliant session! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kristy to any organisation t that is looking for a knowledgeable, engaging presenter.

Jennifer Bass | HR Operations Manager | Cuscal

Feedback has been great & I think the content & approach resonated with those attending, professionally and personally.

Peter Jones | Partner | DLA Piper

The feedback from your seminar has been excellent. Such an engaging and interesting presentation.

Ellie Bailey | Events Adviser | Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers
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