We all have the best intentions to make changes to our digital habits

(much like we do our new years’ resolutions each year), but… well before we know it:

We know we should have better digital habits, but the truth is it’s (really) hard to change our entrenched behaviours.

But I can help you. There are simple, micro-habits we can implement to optimise our performance in a digital context.

When you access the D-RIVE ZONE with Dr Kristy video library you’ll get weekly videos sent straight to your inbox. Each video is no longer than 2 minutes and contains simple, science-backed solutions to help you to thrive in the digital world… without for a moment suggesting you need to cancel video-calls, abstain from social media, or aim for inbox-zero. Each video is available as an audio if listening is more your style and the video is housed on a membership site, so you can go back through the library of any videos to revisit some of the ideas (and really embed healthy digital habits).


I’ve recorded a collection of realistic digital micro-habits that you can easily implement to boost your digital wellbeing and digital productivity.

They are based on the four pillars of digital peak-performance:

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DWR - Pillars Graphics-04
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There are 30 videos in the library, each sharing one simple digital wellbeing or digital distraction micro-habit that you can easily apply – covering physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity in a digitalised context. Each week you’ll receive a video sent directly to your inbox outlining one micro-habit you can apply at work and/or home to cultivate healthy and sustainable digital behaviours. Behaviours that will support, rather than stifle your wellbeing and performance. 

The videos will be housed in a membership site, so you can easily go back and watch any of the previous videos if you need a refresher. They’ll be organised under each of the digital peak-performance pillars so you can drill down into one pillar if it’s an area of need.

Reset your relationship with tech and learn tips, tools and tactics to help you achieve digital wellbeing and thrive online.

These videos will help:
dz icon 01- min burnout
Minimise Digital Burnout
dz icon 02- boost performance
Boost Performance at Work
dz icon 03- elim tech stress
Eliminate Techno-Stress
dz icon 04- enhance productivity
Enhance Productivity
dz icon 05- bolster focus and attention
Bolster Focus and Attention
dz icon 06- decimate digital distractions
Decimate Digital Distractions
dz icon 07- optimise physical health
Optimise Physical Health

Reduce digital eye strain, tech-neck and sleep issues

dz icon 08- support mental wellbeing
Support Mental Wellbeing

These videos (or podcasts) are designed for busy professionals, who want to optimise their performance in the digitalised landscape where they find themselves living and working . Whilst videos can be viewed independently, the best results are achieved when they’re used by teams (to create a common digital culture).

Build sustainable digital habits
so you can thrive online.

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Overview of What You'll Have Access to:

  • 30 two-minute (or less) videos sent directly to your inbox each fortnight;
  • Access to all video content in a podcast (in case listening is your preferred mode to consume the content); and
  • A membership hub to access the videos (you’ll have lifetime access to these videos);
  • A PDF checklist of all the micro-habits.
these videos DO NOT propose:
  • going on a #digitaldetox
  • canceling Netflix subscriptions
  • aiming for ‘inbox zero’ each day
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Learn simple, science-backed ways to work and live in the digital world.