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Dr Kristy Goodwin is an award-winning researcher, speaker, author, and mum on a mission to help parents and educators raise happy, healthy children and teens who thrive online and offline.

As a researcher and educator herself, she’s spent most of her professional career researching and speaking about the ways in which technology shapes children’s and teens’ wellbeing, health, and learning.

Dr Kristy provides research-based but realistic advice and strategies to teachers and parents on how they can teach their children to use technology in productive and purposeful ways without reverting to phone bans or constant digital detoxes.

She authored the book Raising Your Child in a Digital World and has conducted numerous evaluations and research studies for the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities.

Prior to becoming a speaker and consultant, Dr Kristy worked as an educator for 14 years with schools in both the public and private sectors. She also lectured at Macquarie University and University of Notre Dame and has completed a PhD on the impact of digital technologies.

Dr Kristy Goodwin draws on the latest research to inform educators and health professionals about how today’s learners’ digital immersion is shaping their childhood and adolescence. Dr Kristy translates the latest neuroscience and technological research into practical advice and simple strategies for parents and educators.  

Through her ongoing research Dr Kristy shares what ARE the big issues and risks facing kids and teens today and how kids’ digitalised childhoods and adolescence are shaping their capacity to learn and impacting their wellbeing.  She uses the science behind the seven, basic developmental priorities that kids have to ensure their development and will share strategies to ensure that screen-time doesn’t displace opportunities for these basic needs to be met and how to manage these issues in the long term.  

Dr Kristy Goodwin helps education providers understand the broad-ranging impacts technology is having on students, parents, educators and school leaders. Dr Kristy uses her extensive knowledge of how the brain works best, to create engaging learning experiences that ‘stick’ and create sustainable behavioural change.

Dr Kristy offers a range of keynotes and workshops for parents, educators and students. These can be delivered in-person or online. Kristy also offers various school packages to ensure that all stakeholders receive the same information.

Dr Kristy also works with corporate leadership teams, individual teams within an organisation or at corporate conferences, offsites and events. 

2020 and 2021 have ensured that ‘remote learning’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘Teams’ became part of our vernacular because of the global pandemic. As we continue into an uncertain future, the delivery of virtual masterclasses (webinars and online keynotes) have proven to be a wonderful tool to deliver virtual speaking engagements and training.

In the last four years Dr Kristy has delivered webinars to schools throughout Australia and internationally, speaking to thousands of parents, students and educators.  In 2021 and 2022, Dr Kristy is offering her signature Parent Seminars, Student Workshops and Teacher Professional Learning Workshops and Keynote addresses online (or on-stage if still possible and preferred).  

If your school/education institution is looking to implement true habit and cultural change, Dr Kristy can be engaged to present one of her education packages which delivers student, parent and educators/school leader sessions to ensure that all receive the same (age appropriate) messages and gives a community consistent language around digital wellbeing and boundaries.  Engaging Dr Kristy to address the two most  influential groups on our kids and teens, educators and parents, along with students themselves has proven to be more impactful than single sessions that addresses one of these groups alone.  When a school is wanting consistency and uniform adaption of habits that support learning and digital wellbeing, a holistic approach supports true transformation.  

Dr Kristy works not only with education providers but also with corporate clients to help organisations understand the broad-ranging impacts technology is having on employees (and their families) and how to fix it. Dr Kristy helps businesses prioritise their employees’ digital wellbeing, bolster their performance at work, minimise digital distractions and preserve staff wellbeing by taming their toxic tech habits (both at work & home).

Dr Kristy has worked with leadership teams, individual teams within an organisation or at corporate conferences, offsites and events. Kristy can deliver keynote addresses (onstage, or in-person), half-day or full day workshops. She works with Australian and international organisations, both big and small.

If you would like to find out more information about your organisation engaging Dr Kristy please visit here.