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Focus Quotient (FQ)?

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Want to know your FQ? 

How do you stack up when it comes to digital distractions? Are you a device meister who can't put your phone down? Or, are you a tech tamer, with the right approach to managing your digital distractions? Find out with our quick quiz. It takes just 5 minutes to complete (so long as you don’t get distracted) and you’ll see the results on the page.

Your FQ Assessment will provide you with an FQ score from Low Average to Superior.


Are you in ‘Digital Distress’, do you need a ‘Screen Wean’, are you

a ‘Tech Tamer’, or a Media Master’?


What’s Your FQ? is a tool that can help you identify your current levels of focus, in an age of digital distractuons. It will help you to examine your digital behaviours and habits, your current performance  and experiences at school and home, so that you can ascertain whether your focus skills are being compromised. 

No identifying data is collected so please rest assured the results are completely anonymous.

Before You Begin

This assessment consists of 15 statements. For each statement, mark the level to which it applies, for a ‘typical’ week of work. Answer honestly to give you an accurate insight into Focus Quotient

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Student Focus Quotient Quiz

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On an average day, how frequently do you check your phone each day?(Required)
You’re on your way to school and realise you’ve left your phone at home. What do you do?(Required)
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