‘The George Institute for Global Health and George Clinical' invite you to join a 5-day Digital Wellbeing Challenge

5-day digital wellbeing challenge STARTS 2 MARCH

Shutdown your stress

5-day Digital Wellbeing Challenge:

Research confirms that knowledge workers are spending an average of seven hours/day with digital devices. This is having a significant impact on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity.  It’s little wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed, stressed and constantly distracted. 

Join me for the 5-day digital wellbeing challenge and you’ll learn how to integrate simple micro-habits into your daily routine and change your relationship with screens - all without embarking on a #digitaldetox or giving up your phone.


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What is it?

A series of daily challenges designed to create a more harmonious relationship between you and your number-one companion: technology. Content will be delivered on 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th and 12th March to give you plenty of time to implement the ideas.

Who is it for?

George Institute and George Clinical staff who spend most of their working time with a digital device.  It has been designed to help knowledge workers boost their wellbeing in a digital context.

What happens

A video and menu of micro-habits summary will be sent to your inbox on each of the five days. You’ll watch the video, implement some of the micro-habits, and see the results - fast.

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What’s involved?

Daily challenge videos 

You’ll receive a short clip (via email- the irony isn’t lost on me) for each day of the challenge containing a menu of micro-habits. You select ONE (just one!) micro-habit each day to embed from the options in the menu- this is an experimental approach, not a cookie-cutter plan that you need to strictly follow.  Each day you’ll stack on a new micro-habit so at the end of the week you’ll have five micro-habits that support your digital wellbeing bedded down. #thriveonline

Progress tracking tools

You’ll download a daily Micro-Habits Menu and a Digital Habits Tracker sheet to help keep you accountable (and help with your ‘digital dementia’ so you don’t forget any of the habits). 


I love that you share practical strategies that are based on the brain and science.

The Challenge helped our staff with digital distractions and boosted their wellbeing.

Thank you for offering the Challenge. I gained so many practical ideas.


The Digital Wellbeing Challenge was so practical and helpful. I applied LOTS of micro-habits. Spending much less time on my phone.


I’m Dr. Kristy

I’m a researcher, speaker, and author on a mission to help busy professionals manage their tech time. I translate jargon-ridden research into insights you can use to resolve digital dilemmas in your daily routine and your workplace. In my own moments away from the screen, you’ll find me on stages across the country (or more recently Zoom-ing in), sharing my secrets for managing screen time, creating that elusive tech-life blend, and knowing when to switch off.