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Managing Screen Time for Kids Without Arguments


Managing screen time for kids is hard. Really hard.

Turning off the iPad can result in tantrums. Fist-clenching, hysterical tantrums, even from 10-year olds!

Asking four-year olds to pass back your iPhone can sometimes lead to desperate pleas for, “…just one more app…puh-lease.”

Or perhaps it’s just blatant refusal to turn off the device (even after countless reminders). Perhaps you’ve encountered the eight-year old with ‘selective’ hearing???


These are common complaints from both teachers and parents, grappling with how to raise a digital child. Teaching young children how to manage their media use and switch off iDevices isn’t easy  (let’s face it, lots of adults have the same problem). But it is essential that they learn how to a mange their media use, as they will inherit a digital world.


What if I told you I had a simple solution to this problem?


Well I do.


In the video below I show you a very simple way to minimise the likelihood of arguments, intense negotiations or blatant refusals when it comes to managing screen time on iDevices  (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch).


You don’t need to download another app. (Although, you can do that if you want an overall app that manages screen time for kids.)


The best news is that you can use your iDevice’s Clock app. It’s that simple.


Trust me, the two-minutes you spend watching the video will be worth it. Fewer tantrums, arguments and negotiations managing screen time for kids.


Tell me in the comments below, did this trick help you manage your children’s screen time? Do you have any other tips or tricks that may help?



I’m Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Researcher, speaker, author, and mum - and not only do I GET it, I’ve dedicated my entire career to helping my fellow professionals and parents explore this exact digital dilemma.

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