Helping Kids & Teens Deal With Digital Overload


a webinar for parents & carers of children aged 8-16 years.


$19 (including GST)


On your computer or touchscreen device (at a time that suits YOU!)


Your child or adolescent has probably spent more time on screens than ever before during the health pandemic. Mine too! You're worried about how you can ease your kids and teens off their (beloved) screens as they transition back to their classrooms. You’re worried about the impact their device time may have had on their physical health (everything from their vision, hearing and posture) to their mental wellbeing and learning (their capacity to focus and pay attention has diminished). You secretly fret that they’ve become ‘addicted’ to technology and are baffled as to why they find it hard to switch off (you’ve probably encountered your fair share of techno-tantrums over the past few weeks...and not just from three year olds.)

Let me help you understand the impact that increased tech time may have had on your kids’ and teens’ health, wellbeing and learning (without making you feel guilty). Learn how to revert to healthier tech habits as you transition away from remote learning and social isolation arrangements.

In this express webinar I’ll help you to understand:

  • Why your kids and teens are tired after online learning (there’s science to explain their fatigue);
  • The possible impact of increased time on tech on their physical health (vision, hearing, posture & sleep) and mental wellbeing and easy ideas to help them develop healthier digital behaviours;
  • Why they find it hard to switch off digital devices and arm you with realistic strategies to help them digitally-disconnect without tears and tantrums as they return to the classroom;
  • How the brain learns online so you can support their online learning (whether they continue with remote learning or transition back to regular school with online homework and assignments);
  • Simple strategies to help 'wean the screen' as they transition back to school;
  • Why they’re susceptible to digital distractions and practical tips to help them maximise their attention online.

All attendees will receive a PDF summary sheet, a digital wellbeing checklist & guide to support remote learning. Register and if you can’t attend live, we’ll send you a link to access the replay and resources.


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Helping Kids & Teens Deal With Digital Overload

$19 (inc GST)

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