Parenting kids in the digital age

…is confusing and concerning. We’re faced with constant digital dilemmas and the technology keeps changing!

Do you:

// Worry about how much time your child spends ‘plugged-in’ to their devices?

// Find it hard to keep up-to-date with what your child or teen is accessing online? Apps, websites, games and social media- there’s just so much to keep on top of!

// Fret about your child’s online safety? Worried they’ll be exposed to pornography, paedophiles, or online predators? (You should be concerned!)

// Know how to help your child or teen if they’re cyber-bullied?

// Worry about why your child or teen throws techno-tantrums when you ask them to switch off the device?

// Know the ways that technology may be harming your child’s health and development? Sleep, vision, hearing, language, self-regulation skills are just to name a few.

But you don’t need to feel bamboozled by your child’s digital habits.
I take the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in a digital world.

I arm parents with research-based, yet practical information about how technology is impacting on kids’ and teens’ health, learning and development (I run all my suggestions through my ‘mum-filter’- so there’s nothing unrealistic suggested).

I’m building an exciting digital hub for parent called the Digital Parenting Hub. Due for release in July 2018, I’ll soon have an online hub packed with digital (ironic, I know) resources for parents. Inside the hub will be a library of (super-short) videos and audios, PDF checklists and a range of other online resources on specific topics that modern parents need to know about. New content on specific and current topics will be released each month. Plus, I’ll be able to help you solve your current digital dilemmas each month on a live ‘Q and A with Dr K’ call.


This hub will give you complete peace of mind, as worried parent, and help you to confidently navigate your ‘screenagers’’ digital world…without having to ban the iPad or unplug the TV…because digital amputation isn’t the solution!

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