Raising Your Child in a Digital World - Essential tips from my book

I know how overwhelming and confusing it is to understand what today’s kids really need to thrive online and offline. It’s a maze to figure out if technology is healthy and helpful, or toxic and taboo with young children.


So I help take the guess-work and guilt out of raising kids in a digital world.


I translate the latest research into practical digestible information, tips, tricks and strategies for time-poor parents and educators in my podcasts. These are short, sharp audio-recordings that you can listen to anywhere, anytime. As busy parents I know we don’t have hours to listen, so I’ve made these audio recordings no longer than 20 minutes (mostly). Quick, actionable audio packed with essential information for you, so you can be armed with facts, not fears about young children and technology.


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Show Notes

Brief notes from each episode can be found below in chronological order. Access any links or resources that I mention in each episode, below.


Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book