It’s time to face the issues head-on.


Keeping your head above the rising tide of online risks facing today’s primary and secondary students is one of the biggest challenges (and most time-consuming tasks) you face as a teacher.


Just when you think you’ve got a handle on your students’ latest tech-obsession (be it Fortnite, Snap Chat, Instagram), along comes the next big app, platform or game to keep them perpetually plugged into their devices and checked out of any meaningful communication.

But it’s not their fault. We have a whole generation of kids growing up in a screen-saturated world and parents who are themselves struggling to keep up. Sadly, this cyber-tsunami is having a profound impact on children’s long-term health, development and learning.

As teachers, we’re seeing first-hand the consequences of our students’ digitalised childhoods and adolescence

Chronically-tired students who cannot pay attention in class as a result of unhealthy late-night tech habits

Waning attention spans and little or no desire to play, create or even draw without the use of a device

Alarming patterns of cyber-bullying as normal and premature introduction of social media

Unwittingly engaging in dangerous online activities that compromise their cyber-safety (being groomed by online predators)

Digital dependency with students sneaking off to the bathrooms to game, or constantly checking their phone in class

A rise in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression (of course, these are not always solely due to technology use)

Exposure to, sharing and imitating pornography

Social isolation and loneliness

Decline in fine motor, social and language skills

And whilst most teachers acknowledge that ‘digital amputation’ is NOT the solution, many are at a loss as to what to do.


You have questions


So what ARE the big issues and risks facing kids and teens today? Tech changes so quickly, what should I be most worried about?

How are kids’ digitalised childhoods and adolescence shaping their capacity to learn and impacting their wellbeing?

How do we guide students and their parents to manage these issues for the long term?

And these are just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the digital dilemmas facing teachers, in the digital age.

Technology is not going away. It touches every aspect of our lives and is having a profound impact on student’s learning.


It’s time to face the
issues head-on.

It’s up to us to get and stay informed, to better understand the digital playgrounds our students are playing in and to empower them to use technology in healthy, helpful and productive ways. And here’s how you can do that...

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Proposed Topics

  • How screens are sabotaging students’ sleep
  • The impact of social media on today’s students
  • Porn in their pockets- what educators need to know about kids’ and teens’ exposure to pornography
  • Looking after YOUR digital wellbeing as a teacher
  • Protecting and promoting healthy digital habits with students
  • Pictures, Posts and Professionalism- Know Your Professional Obligations as a Teacher in the Digital Age
  • Tackling cyber-bullying

Who is Dr Kristy Goodwin?


Dr Kristy is a former teacher, lecturer at Macquarie University and Notre Dame University, author, media commentator and one of Australia’s most sought-after digital health, learning and wellbeing experts. She translates the latest neuroscience and technological research into practical advice and simple strategies for parents and educators. Kristy has spoken to thousands of teachers across the country, from early childhood to tertiary level, about the impact of technology on students’ health, wellbeing and learning. She is a keynote speaker at educational conferences and has delivered hundreds of professional development seminars to educators across Australia. Dr Kristy is also regularly called upon by the media for her expert opinion.


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