Dr. Kristy Goodwin's Peak Performance Consultation

Boost your productivity & enhance your wellbeing so you can achieve peak-performance in a digital age.


Is technology your servant or your master?

So many of us are tethered to technology from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep (and sometimes it wakes us up throughout the night). Our digital habits are having a profound impact on all facets of our lives. We need to find healthy & helpful ways to use technology so we're not a slave to the screen. We need to leverage the benefits technology offers us, whilst also mitigating its potential pitfalls.

Are your tech habits having a negative impact on your physical health and/or mental wellbeing? Are your tech behaviours putting a dent in your productivity?

We're living and working in an always-on, busy digital world.

This is having a profound impact on every facet of our lives, from our physical health, mental wellbeing and it's even impacting our productivity and performance.

Many of us assume that this is what life looks like in the 21st Century. But I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be like this. There's a better way forward, where you can be in control of your digital technologies so that you can finally stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depleted and stretched.

You don't need to live a life with bulging calendars and overloaded To Do lists. You don't need to live a life where your phone pings and beeps all day long and where you feel like your inbox manages you!

There is a better way... and no, you don't have to go #laptopless or go on a week-long #digitaldetox.

I work with high-performers who want to optimise their wellbeing & productivity.

Learn neuro-productivity principles, brain-based hacks and digital behaviours and habits that will bolster your performance and also improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Dr Kristy works with a small number of private clients each month, by invitation only.
  • Dr Kristy provides practical advice and immediately actionable strategies to help you find more sustainable and healthy ways to use technology.
  • A consultation can be purchased by individuals, or discounted rates are offered to corporate teams who book multiple sessions for team members with Kristy. 
  • A consultation can also be included in one of the Corporate Digital Wellbeing Packages that includes Kristy presenting an in-person Lunch and Learn workshop or virtual masterclass.

One:on:one personalised consultation with Dr Kristy




Dr Kristy has worked with some of the biggest corporations in Australia:


What’s included in your one:on:one consultation?


// Digital Behaviours Diagnostic Assessment and Report (using Kristy's 4 pillars of digital wellbeing & performance tool). This is completed before the consultation;

// tailored solutions to 1-3 of your biggest digital dilemmas, productivity bottlenecks or tech frustrations based on a detailed form your submit before your consultation;

// 45-minute session with Dr Kristy where she provides you with simple solutions, strategies and tips to build better digital habits and behaviours that will boost your wellbeing and productivity;

// recording of the session with Kristy for later reference; and

// 1 page summary with key actions and/or links to suggested resources.


// Tame Your Tech Habits Masterclass (valued at $197)

// Taming Email Mini Masterclass ($89)


About Dr Kristy

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a digital wellbeing and productivity expert. She writes, researches and speaks about how technology is impacting on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity. Kristy is regularly called on by the media for her expert opinion about how digitalised childhoods and lifestyles are impacting kids’ teens’ and adults’ health, learning and performance. She has spoken at conferences and workplaces throughout Australia and internationally. Her previous clients include Apple, Optus, McDonalds, the National Broadband Network, Westfield and Bank of Queensland. Kristy translates the latest research, from a range of disciplines, into practical and realistic advice for people wanting to know how to tame their tech habits...without proposing ‘digital abstinence’. Dr Kristy is on a mission to help people develop healthy and helpful technology habits so we can thrive in the digital world.


How it works

// Contact Kristy's team via the pink buttons above. Ask us any questions. If you're keen to proceed, we'll send you an invoice and a link to book your session (we're all about automation so we can all spend less time on our devices).

// Once the invoice is paid we'll send you (i) a link to complete the 'Digital Habits Assessment', (ii) 'Digital Dilemma Form' (where you identify the 1-3 issues you'd like to work on in the session with Kristy) and a calendar link to the Zoom meeting. Kristy reads through both of these documents before your session so she has a clear idea of the issue/s you want to work through in your time together.

// You and Kristy jump on a Zoom meeting and work through the nominated issue/s for around 45 minutes and then we send you a link to the recording.

// Kristy then sends you a one-page PDF summary of the key action items and tips and any possible resources that may help you, plus links to the two bonuses.

Have a question?

If you want any further information, contact Kristy's team.