Science of Virtual Meetings

Putting Brain Science to Work

We've all been there:

Sitting in a(nother) virtual meeting checking our emails or Teams chat; seeing our calendar littered with virtual meetings; and wasting vital minutes while people unmute themselves, or try and figure out how to turn on their cameras.

During the pandemic we’ve seen a 148% increase in virtual meetings. Even prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that executives were spending 23 hours/week in meetings.

Not only can meetings dent productivity, but they can also kill culture and eradicate engagement. Given that virtual meetings are here to stay, now is the time to not only critically examine your meeting culture in general, but to also make virtual meetings work.

Zoom Fatigue 2
Zoom Fatigue 1

Learn how to apply brain-based solutions to make your virtual meetings more engaging and deliver results.

This 90-minute virtual masterclass is broken into five modules (because I know your focus and time is limited). I share the latest research and brain science about how to conduct effective virtual meetings (and yes there’s science to underpin these choices).

Participants will learn:
01 the real cost icon_
the real cost

What virtual meetings are really costing employees and employers

02 zoom fatigue icon_
Zoom Fatigue

Why virtual meetings are mentally taxing (the science behind Zoom fatigue)

03 brain-based strategies icon_
brain-based strategies

Brain-based strategies to boost meeting participant engagement and enjoyment (yes, virtual meetings can be fun)

04 digital guardrails icon
digital guardrails

How to establish digital guardrails around your virtual meetings (the norms and behaviours that should govern your virtual meetings)

05 alternatives icon
alternative methods

Asynchronous alternatives to virtual meetings

What you'll receive:
1 five short video icon
five short videos
2 meeting checklist icon
a virtual meeting checklist
3 virtual meeting cards icon
virtual meeting cards (PDF download you can print off)

fine tune your virtual meetings and help your team to thrive online

About Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Having personally experienced how our always-on digital culture is compromising people’s wellbeing and is counter to optimal and sustainable performance, award-winning researcher and speaker Dr Kristy Goodwin is on a mission to promote employee wellbeing and bolster workplace productivity in an always-on digital world. 

As one of Australia’s digital wellbeing and productivity experts, she shares practical brain-based hacks to tame tech habits and the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak performance in the technological era. 

Senior business leaders and HR executives from the country’s top organisations engage Dr Kristy to help them promote employee digital wellbeing and performance.

Dr Kristy has helped transform individuals and teams
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When you purchase this product, you instantly get:

  • Five short videos
  • A virtual meeting checklist
  • Virtual meeting cards (PDF download you can print off)
Investment Fee: $59 (INC GST)