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Tackle meeting bloat with a 4-day work week

Many organisations around the globe are considering or currently trailing a four-day work week. And with good reason. Global trials have provided data showing that four-day work weeks have been a resounding success for employees and employers. For example, the recent UK 6-month trial that involved 61 companies with approximately 2900 workers from June to […]
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Why YOUR Tech Habits Matter

For many years, adults have been quick to point the finger at kids and teens and declare that they’re ‘addicted’ to their digital devices and constantly distracted. Whilst very few of us would argue against the fact that many young people are spending inordinate amounts of time plugged in to devices (for both leisure and […]
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Bogged in Burnout?

If you ask someone at the moment how they are, they’ll typically respond with ‘exhausted’, ‘frazzled’ or ‘tired’ (or another synonym). As we approach the end of the year, many people are limping towards the finish line.  This is a common end-of-year response. However, people have been saying that they’re exhausted for months now (if […]
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Dangerous Digital Contagions

Have you ever noticed that your kids/teens seem to always imitate your partner’s traits, mannerisms and behaviours (and it’s usually their worst traits)? Have you noticed that when you accidentally swear in front of a young child, a couple of days later they drop the exact same clanger, often in the most inopportune of times […]
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From Resignation to Retention: how healthy digital practices will help you win the war for talent

With the rise of the freelance economy and the increasing desire for flexible working, the battle for talent is tougher than ever. Professionals are reporting that they are ‘burnt out’ and want to work on their own terms. So, how can you ensure your business avoids a great resignation and maintains a healthy, happy workforce? […]
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How to wean the screen: emerging from lockdown with your kids’ digital wellbeing

After our longest round of lockdowns yet, parents everywhere are celebrating as our kids are settling back into school to finish term four. But after a challenging few months of trying to juggle work and school, reliance on technology has increased and our kids are using screens more than ever, affecting their digital wellbeing.  In […]
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