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Raising Your Child in a Digital World - Essential tips from my book

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3 Things You Need To Know Before You Post About Your Child Online

By Kristy | Jul 26, 2019

As parents, we are so very lucky to be raising children in the digital era.  Does it shock you that I said that?  It’s amazing that we can video call our children’s grandparent’s on the other side of the world. That we can have group chats with our parent friends so we have someone to […]

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Sharenting Without Shame- Vital Information About Sharing Images of your Kids Online

By Kristy | Aug 29, 2019

To sharent or not. This is the question perplexing many parents. Documenting our kids’ lives online has become a social norm for many parents. But is it okay to post photos or videos of your children on social media, or blog posts?  If you do post online, what are the risks and how can you […]

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Managing Technology on Playdates & Sleepovers

By Kristy | Aug 29, 2019

Screen rules on playdates and sleepovers can be a sticky situation. Just like each family has different rules for snacks, sleep and swearing, approaches to managing digital devices also vary significantly. Families really differ on their tech rules (if you want to see what sort of digital parent you are, you can take my digital […]

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book