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Raising Your Child in a Digital World - Essential tips from my book

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Are smartphones and social media to blame for teen mental health crisis?

By developer | Feb 11, 2020

Young people are facing a mental health crisis, both here in Australia and internationally. There’s a concerning increase in the rates of mental health issues amongst young people and the finger is often pointed at technology, particularly social media and smartphones, which are contributing factors. But is technology to blame? The dominant, alarmist narrative suggests […]

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Is Email Making You Dumb?

By developer | Feb 11, 2020

Many of us feel constantly tethered to our inboxes. We check email often whilst still in bed, between meetings, on the commute to and from work, at our kids’ sports training and often we do one last sweep of our inboxes before bed. Some of us even check our inboxes in the bathroom- referred to […]

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How to work remotely and keep your sanity in tact as a parent

By Kristy | Mar 23, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has thrust many of us into remote working situations, alongside our children and teens who may also be at home (and if it’s not a reality yet, it is imminent). As someone who’s worked at home for the past ten years, whilst raising three kids , I’ve learned a thing or two […]

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book