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Three Tips for Preventing Technology-Related RSI in Children

Prevent RSI in children

There is no denying that today’s children are spending increasing amounts of time with digital devices. But is this digital exposure coming at a high cost to their physical development? Are children REALLY suffering from RSI? 

A generation of children is increasingly suffering from physical ailments related to over-use of digital devices.

Recent media reports have claimed that we are at ‘epidemic levels’ of overuse injuries. Whilst these headlines are possibly sensationalising the issue, there is no doubt that children’s physical development can be shaped by technology use.

In personal conversations I have had with pediatric specialists (chiropractors, physiotherapists and optometrists) there is some concern that digital devices are increasingly impacting on children’s physical development. There is a range of muscoskeletal symptoms that can arise from an over-use of technology.


Parents and teachers are also equally concerned about the long-term physical impact of digital devices on growing bodies. And rightly so.

These technologies will not be un-invented. The iPad will not disappear. Video games are likely to become un-popular. So banning these devices is not the solution.

So what do parents and teachers need to know to make sure these devices are used safely? See the video below for tips.

Tell me in the comments below, what else do you do to prevent RSI in children? SHARE this video with anyone else that may find it helpful.




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