Taming Your Tech Habits

Corporate Workshop

Employees are now living in an age of digital distraction and dependence. Many of us feel like we’re a servant to
our screens. Emerging research confirms that this constant digital bombardment not only impacts employee productivity, but also has significant implications on their physical health and mental wellbeing. However, digital amputation isn’t an option, as technology is now an integral part of our lives. Instead, employees need to develop healthy and sustainable digital behaviours so they can thrive in the digital age.

In this highly practical Corporate Workshop Dr Kristy Goodwin equips employees and executives with sciencebacked solutions to bolster their productivity and preserve their wellbeing. Dr Kristy translates the neuroscience and psychology behind why we find it hard to digitally disconnect, into essential information and simple strategies. She addresses how common digital behaviours can compromise efficiency at work through practices such as multitasking and nibbling on our inboxes. Kristy also explores how our screen habits can potentially sabotage our physical health and mental wellbeing and arms participants with realistic, research-based strategies.

Session Overview

45- 60 minutes

Employees & executives interested in science-based strategies to optimise productivity & wellbeing

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.

Paviter Singh - Apple