Taming Your Tech Habits for Peak Performance

Corporate Workshop

Micro-hacks to bolster productivity

Technology should be our servant, not our master. But many of us admit that we’re a slave to our screens. In this highly practical workshop Dr Kristy Goodwin equips employees and executives with science-backed solutions to bolster their productivity. Delegates will discover:

  • The ways in which technology has been DESIGNED to DISTRACT us and prey on our PSYCHOLOGICAL VULNERABILITIES and why managing our ATTENTION SPAN is the most critical 21st CENTURY SKILL
  • The myth of MULTI-TASKING and why MONO-TASKING will boost their productivity
  • SCIENCE-BASED solutions to manage MEETINGS, EMAIL and COMMUNICATION TOOLS so they don’t dent their productivity
  • ANALOGUE PRODUCTIVITY HACKS that will boost their output and provide more margin in their lives

Delegates will be armed with a MENU of MICRO-HABITS that will enhance PRODUCTIVITY at work and home.

TAMING TECH HABITS FOR PEAK-PERFORMANCE can be delivered as a stand-alone corporate workshop or an extended half- or full-day program in-person, or online via a webinar.

Session Overview

45- 60 minutes

Employees & executives interested in science-based strategies to optimise productivity & wellbeing

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.

Paviter Singh - Apple