Fortify Your Focus

Keynote or Workshop

Stop digital distractions denting your productivity

As knowledge workers, the technologies that are integral for our work, have also been designed to hijack and hold our attention. We’re now living in an attention economy. To achieve peak-performance in the digital landscape, the most critical skill we can cultivate is focus. Focus, amongst the alerts and notifications and pings and dings that put a dent in our productivity.

This presentation has been designed to help employees and executives better understand the impact of digital distractions on their productivity and wellbeing. Attendees will develop a repertoire of strategies and micro-habits they can easily apply to their workday and personal lives to ensure their digital behaviours support peak performance.

I’ve distilled the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research into bite-sized, science-backed strategies. Through this highly practical presentation attendees will learn:

  • Why ATTENTION MANAGEMENT is the super skill of the 21st Century;
  • The three reasons why TECHNOLOGY HIJACKS their attention;
  •  The significant ways that DIGITAL DISTRACTIONS dent their PRODUCTIVITY & WELLBEING; 
  • How to map their WORKDAY to their CHRONOTYPE to maximise their PRODUCTIVITY; and
  • A range of strategies and micro-habits to OPTIMISE their FOCUS.

Participants will be armed with a menu of strategies and micro-habits they can use to turbocharge their productivity and wellbeing. This can be a stand alone keynote, or part of a half or full day program. I’ll share simple solutions to some of the common tech troubles facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace.

Session Overview

Keynote- 45- 60 minutes

Half or full day workshop

Employees, leaders & executives interested in science-based strategies to optimise productivity & wellbeing in a digital landscape.

There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.