The Real Costs of Digital Distractions

Keynote Address

Dr Kristy Goodwin helps organisations understand why employee efficiency and wellbeing are being
compromised by digital technologies (that were ironically designed to bolster workplace productivity and
performance). She shares current research on the costs of digital distractions for both organisations and
employees... and it’s much more than simply waning productivity. Kristy outlines the productivity paradox
and the digital superstorm facing modern workplaces. She translates the science behind employees’
digital behaviours, helping to explain why we all find it challenging to stop the scroll and shut the laptop
lid. Kristy draws on neuroscience and psychology to explain why we’re psychologically vulnerable to digital
distractions and dependence. She provides a digital efficiency and wellbeing framework based on current
research and arms delegates with realistic strategies to optimise efficiency and wellbeing in a digital age,
without suggesting digital detoxes.

Session Overview

60-90 minutes

Employees, entrepreneurs & executives interested in high performance & productivity

Kristy's session was fabulous and very well received by the group at the Randstad conference. She addressed their work/life balance and the pressures of their roles placed on them to be constantly available online.

Simone McInally - Ranstad