Thriving Digitally

Keynote or Workshop

Simple Strategies to Boost Wellbeing and Peak Performance in the Digital Age

We’re spending more time than tethered to technology- for both work and leisure. It’s imperative that we foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure that our physical health and mental wellbeing are supported in a digital world that’s constantly vying for our attention.

In this presentation, my goal is to equip attendees with science-backed solutions so they can thrive online.

During this presentation participants will:

  • Assess your DIGITAL WELLBEING according to the FOUR PILLARS OF DIGITAL WELLBEING to identify areas for improvement;
  • Apply the FOUR PILLARS of DIGITAL WELLBEING to your work and personal lives;
  • Explore a range of MICRO-HABITS you can implement to protect your PHYSICAL HEALTH- your sleep, vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health;
  • Consider a variety of MICRO-HABITS you can implement to ensure your MENTAL WELLBEING is supported, not stifled through your DIGITAL HABITS.


I’ll share some of the common digital dilemmas facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace arm delegates with a range of pragmatic solutions and a menu of micro-habits so they can support their mental wellbeing or physical health in a digital landscape.

Session Overview

45-60 minute keynote

Half-day or full-day workshop

Employees, leaders, entrepreneurs & executives interested in high performance & productivity in a digitalised context

Kristy's session was fabulous and very well received by the group at the Randstad conference. She addressed their work/life balance and the pressures of their roles placed on them to be constantly available online.

Randstad- EA to Director