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TIME: 8-9pm

TOPIC: When do I introduce social media to my child/teen, what are the current risks and how do I ensure they stay healthy and happy online? (And how to cope when they’re the only one in-the-whole-world without Facebook)

Call Schedule



TOPIC: How are screens sabotaging kids’ and teens’ sleep and the impact on their learning and wellbeing?

February 28th

TOPIC: How to calculate healthy (and realistic) screen time limits for your child?

March 28th

TOPIC: Pornography in their Pockets

April 24th

TOPIC: Screens, playdates and sleepovers

May 30th

TOPIC: You Tube- a parents’ essential guide

June 27th

TOPIC: Healthy digital habits- protecting your child’s physical health in the digital age (vision, hearing, posture)

July 25th

TOPIC: Cyber-safety- what parents can do to keep kids safe online from predators, peers and pornography

August 22nd

TOPIC: Digital distractions- how screens are hijacking kids’ attention spans

September 19th

TOPIC: Cyber-bullying- what parents need to know to prevent and deal with it

October- 31st

TOPIC: Gaming- the potential and pitfalls for parents

November 21st

TOPIC: When do I introduce a smartphone to my child? Setting limits around smartphone use