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Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and performance speakers, researchers, authors and media commentators. She provides science-backed solutions to optimise professionals' wellbeing and productivity in a digital world, without proposing ‘digital abstinence’. Kristy works with parents, educators and health professionals about the impact of technology on students' wellbeing, health and learning. She draws on cutting-edge neuroscience and research to explain digital distractions and the profound impacts technologies have on our performance and health, without prescribing digital detoxes or suggesting we go #laptopless.

Kristy has worked with clients including the Reserve Bank of Australia, Apple, Westfield, Bank of Queensland, Macquarie Bank, Foxtel, the National Broadband Network, JP Morgan, McDonalds, NSW Department of Education and Optus. She’s spoken at national and international conferences, schools, workplaces and medical conferences throughout Australia. Kristy’s on a mission to empower people to foster healthy and realistic digital behaviours that support peak performance and wellbeing.


I'm looking forward to sharing brain-based hacks to help you thrive online.


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