Screens and Summer

Six simple strategies to tame technology this summer (& no, your kids don’t need a ‘screen-free’ summer)



Parents and carers of kids aged 5-14 years


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Webinar (watch replay & access PDF resources including a summer tech plan)



In this express webinar, I’ll explain the science behind why your kids don’t need a ‘screen-free summer’ (phew, I can hear you say). As parents, we don’t need to BAN technology, we NEED to PLAN how our kids and teens will use it these holidays instead.

During this express webinar, I'll outline SIX SIMPLE STRATEGIES I’ve used as a mum (but grounded in research) to help tame my kids’ tech-habits during the school holidays.  Ditch your ‘techno-guilt’ and ensure your kids’ and teens’ summer holidays aren’t hijacked by digital devices. And no, you won’t have to buy a safe to lock up your kids’ devices! This webinar is suitable for parents and carers of children and teens aged 5-14 years.

What will I be sharing? Topics such to use digital tools (#ironic) so the limits you agree upon actually stick (especially important for parents who are returning to work and know that your kids might be tempted to break the rules when you’re not home actively supervising), why ‘how much’ time they spend online is one of the least important things to focus on when it comes to managing screens this summer and easy ways to develop your summer tech plan.

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Included with the webinar replay (to watch whenever you would like) is a Tip Sheet, a Summer Tech Plan Template and a Summer Bucket List.


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I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin, a former teacher, lecturer at Macquarie and Notre Dame Universities, author and digital health and wellbeing expert and a mum of three boys (who’s experienced her share of techno-tantrums). I translate the research and science into practical and realistic advice for parents, educators and health professionals about the impact technology has on children and teens’ wellbeing. . I’ll arm you with facts, not fears, so you feel equipped to navigate this digital terrain with your son, without the grief and guesswork.

The live webinar will go for approximately 75 minutes, followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions for around 15 minutes  (you can do this either via a chat function on the webinar if you attend live or by submitting questions on a form prior to the webinar). All webinar registrants will be sent a link to access the replay (with no time restriction on when or for how long you can access it) along with a PDF summarising key points as well as the scripts you need to tackle this topic.

Why a webinar?

Delivered in a super convenient online format, parents can learn in their lounge rooms!

As a mum and someone who delivers a LOT of parent seminars around the country, I understand, first-hand, the time and expense associated with attending live events in the evening (I know! Who can be bothered wearing more than PJs and ugg boots at night?). 

Organising your partner or a babysitter and travelling across town can make attending in-person seminars tricky (and terribly expensive). But with a webinar, you get to start and finish (and even pause if you need to). A seminar in your lounge room, with a cup of your favourite beverage in hand, wearing your PJ pants and ugg boots - it couldn’t be easier.

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