Your Family Digital Wellbeing Plan:

Establish your family’s digital guardrails


A pre-recorded masterclass to guide your family to establish a Digital Wellbeing Plan


Approximately 60-90 minutes (depending on the conversations you have with your ‘screenagers’


Parents AND children/teens aged 8-16 years


$37 +GST (for Australian residents)


Interactive video masterclass (watch anywhere, anytime)

If you’re constantly worrying about how much time your ‘screenager’ is spending online, I can assure you - you’re not alone. If screen time always ends in scream time in your house, it’s time to find a better way.

The last couple of years has really changed the game for our kids and teens; home schooling, lockdowns and disruption of routine has normalised increased screen time we are struggling to reduce.

The constant loop of nagging, meltdowns and techno-tantrums we are faced with when we try to make our kids disconnect can have a significant impact on the family dynamic, not to mention your relationship and communication line with your kids and teens.

KG -Family Guardrails

We have to shift dialogue beyond simply ‘how much’ time our kids spend online. Having a technology plan for your family involves much more than simply setting screen time limits.

Whether we love it, or loathe it, technology is here to stay and the key to positive change is helping our kids and teens cultivate healthy digital habits.

This masterclass will arm you and your kids with research-based, yet realistic advice about how to set up your family’s digital guardrails. It’s time to put an end to tech-time resulting in tears and tantrums.

Designed to watch together with your screenager, this masterclass will help your family establish (realistic) a Digital Wellbeing Plan.

  • Presenting them with a phone contract or technology agreement simply won’t work.
  • Digital amputation isn’t a solution. We need to PLAN not BAN technology.
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In this 60-minute masterclass that you’ll watch (and can pause and discuss) WITH your child/children

you’ll explore:

  • Why focusing exclusively on how much screen time your kids have each day is NOT the most important metric when it comes to their digital wellbeing (and what you should be focusing on instead);
  • A simple formula to calculate healthy time limits (that works for kids and teens of all ages)
  • Essential digital borders and boundaries to protect kids’ vision, hearing, activity levels, posture, sleep, focus and mental wellbeing; and
  • The digital guardrails your family will establish to ensure that everyone thrives online.

You'll Get

Access to an online masterclass that you can watch WITH your child or teen (because it’s better if someone else tells them 8 hours on TikTok per day is not healthy)
A Digital Wellbeing Assessment and personalised report to examine your child’s digital habits
A Digital Wellbeing Plan template so you can revisit this process over time, or with other children
A Digital Wellbeing Checklist- a handy reference with simple tricks
Lifetime access to the video masterclass so you can watch it back as many times as you like WITH your child/children/teens
Discount to purchase an InCharge box to help tame your family’s tech-tantrums by having a lockable charging box for your family’s 8 laptops, 12 smartphones and 5 tablets
KG-Family Digital Guardrails-Mockup

Your Family Digital Wellbeing Plan:
Establish your family’s digital guardrails

$37 +GST (for Australian residents)

  • Access the interactive video masterclass
    and watch anywhere, anytime!

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I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin,

I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin, a former teacher, lecturer at Macquarie and Notre Dame Universities, author and digital health and wellbeing expert and a mum of three boys (who’s experienced her share of techno-tantrums). I translate the science about the impact of technology on children’s, teens’ and adults brains and bodies. I share research-based yet realistic advice for parents, educators and health professionals about the impact technology has on our wellbeing and learning. I’ll arm you with facts, not fears, so you feel equipped to navigate this digital terrain with your screenager, without the grief and guesswork.

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