Screens and Sleep with
Dr Kristy Goodwin and Lisa Maltman


Parents and carers of Year 7-12 students


10 May 2023


7:00 - 8.30pm AEST (replay available if you register)


Part 1 - Raising Screenagers

Dr Kristy will arm parents with research-based yet realistic advice to help parents feel confident about how they can best support their adolescent’s physical health, mental wellbeing and learning online.

Kristy will explore:

// Why young people are susceptible to POTENTIAL PITFALLS ONLINE given their BRAIN DEVELOPMENT;

// Why the online world is APPEALING to adolescents (there's science to explain your teen's digital infatuation);

// A simple (& realistic) formula to determine healthy SCREEN TIME limits for teens of various ages (based on their BASIC NEEDS);

// Why parents need to be the PILOT of the DIGITAL PLANE and set 5 BOUNDARIES to ensure their teen's time online supports their PHYSICAL HEALTH and MENTAL WELLBEING;

// How to support their teen's 'digital DNA' especially when using social media;


All attendees will receive an eBook summary with key information, links and resources, plus a digital wellbeing checklist and a PDF guide to support online learning. 

Part 2: Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance

Over 70% of teenagers experience insufficient sleep. This is having a significant impact on many areas of their lives such as:

// Learning and academic performance: Good quality sleep is essential for both pre and post learning.  Poor sleep decreases motivation, concentration and memory consolidation.

// Mental health and resilience: Poor sleep negatively impacts relationships, overall mood and can be associated with depression, anxiety, negative body image and low self-esteem.

// Behaviour and decision making: Poor sleep impacts decision making capacity, has a negative effect on behaviour and increases risk of accidents.

// Physical Health: Poor sleep affects children’s physical growth, brain development, immune system and plays a key role in weight gain.

Lisa will explore:

// Create awareness of the level of sleep deprivation among students and the effect this is having on all aspects of their lives.

// Empower participants with the knowledge, practical strategies and tools to make informed decisions regarding their sleep health.

// Equip staff with ideas they can implement, along with options for a whole-school approach to creating a “sleep smart school”.

Lisa looks forward to sharing the “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance” message with you.

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Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and productivity experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!) She’s the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, a speaker, media commentator and digital wellbeing & distraction researcher and former teacher who taught at Abbotsleigh, Mosman Prep and a range of public schools. Kristy provides evidence-based information and realistic solutions about how technology is impacting children’s and teens’ physical and mental health and shaping their learning. She worked as an educator for fourteen years before becoming an academic and speaker. She has worked with corporate clients including NSW Department of Education, Apple, Macquarie Bank, Foxtel, the National Broadband Network and Optus, and has spoken at national and international conferences, at schools, workplaces and medical conferences.



Lisa Maltman is the founder and owner of The Sleep Connection and is passionate about improving lives through healthy sleep. Lisa established The Sleep Connection to address the growing concern around the impact that insufficient sleep is having on many of our younger children, along with approximately 70% of our adolescents. This can have serious consequences on learning, motivation and mental health.

Lisa has worked with more than 100 schools across public, catholic and independent sectors in multiple states in Australia. Lisa specialises in helping students, staff and parents thrive in their overall physical and mental health, school performance and family lives through her interactive programs and workshops.

Through The Sleep Connection Lisa delivers a comprehensive solution from education through to pathways to professional help. She collaborates with specialists from SleepShack, which delivers the clinically proven online sleep program for pre-teens and teenagers, along with the Woolcock Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Clinic. The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney is a world leader in sleep and breathing research.

Lisa has a unique ability to inspire change, sharing the message from three perspectives:

  1. Professional - as a sleep educator with a background in treatment of sleep apnea and corporate health.
  2. Family - living the reality of her message as a full-time working mother of two teenagers.
  3. Personal - as someone who in the past has been personally impacted by chronic insomnia and understands the impact and road to recovery.

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