Attention Please! Helping young people tame digital distractions


Parents, carers and educators of students aged 12-18 years


9 June 2021


7-8:30pm (replay available if you register & virtual doors open at 6:55pm)


$30 + GST


Alerts, notifications,pings & dings are the soundtrack of most young people’s days. It seems that their digital appendages are constantly vying for their attention and subsequently putting a dent in the focus. Parents and educators are increasingly concerned about the impact of digital distractions on students’ learning and wellbeing. In fact, the Growing Up Digital Report  released by the UNSW Gonski Institute for Education found that a staggering 83% of parents “felt that their child was negatively distracted by digital technologies.”

The ability to orient, direct and control your attention will be the superskill of the 21st Century. Those students who succumb to screen temptations will find it challenging to learn.

So do we revert to phone bans, or ‘digital amputation’? No. We need to teach young people how to control technology and not the other way around where the technology controls them. We need to equip young people with realistic solutions that are congruent with how their brains operate in a digital landscape. And that’s exactly what I’ll share in this webinar.

This webinar provides research-based, realistic solutions for parents and carers who want to help young people (aged 12- 16 years) develop healthy and helpful digital behaviours that will optimise, not compromise their focus. 


Kristy will explore:

  • Why attention management is the most critical skill we must cultivate in the 21st Century;
  • The costs of digital distractions on learning, physical health and mental wellbeing;
  • Why the developing brain is particularly vulnerable to digital distractions;
  • How the technologies they commonly use and love (gaming, social media, streaming services) have been deliberately designed to hijack their attention
  • How to convince your ‘screenager’ (i.e. your adolescent) that multitasking is a myth (I’ll share a simple experiment that proves to them what happens when they multitask); and
  • A menu of simple science-backed (mum-tested) solutions to help young people manage digital distractions (that don’t involve confiscating the gaming console, or phone bans).

The live webinar will go for approximately 75 minutes, followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions for around 15 minutes  (you can do this either via a chat function on the webinar if you attend live or by submitting questions on a form prior to the webinar). All webinar registrants will be sent a link to access the replay (with no time restriction on when or for how long you can access it) along with a PDF summarising key points and a digital distraction checklist you can provide to your ‘screenager’.

Once you’ve registered you can submit your questions to ensure Kristy can tailor the webinar to your specific issues and concerns

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You'll Get

Access to a 90 minute online webinar with unlimited replay access

Q+A time at the end of the session or via pre-submitted questions - so even if you can’t attend the live webinar, you can still have all your questions answered

A PDF summary sheet with simple tips

A link to access the replay (as a video and audio file) so you can watch it back as many times as you like and share it with your partner, grandparents or other carers in your child’s life

Discounted access to my student masterclass

"Attention Please!"

$30 + GST

  • Access to the 90 minute "Attention Please!" Webinar, including Q+A time, PDF summary and replay

"Attention Please!"
Webinar + Student Masterclass Bundle

$40 + GST

  • Access to the 90 minute "Attention Please!" Webinar, including Q+A time, PDF summary and replay, plus access to my Student Masterclass


Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and productivity experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!) She’s the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, a speaker, media commentator and digital wellbeing & distraction researcher and former teacher who taught at Abbotsleigh, Mosman Prep and a range of public schools. Kristy provides evidence-based information and realistic solutions about how technology is impacting children’s and teens’ physical and mental health and shaping their learning. She worked as an educator for fourteen years before becoming an academic and speaker. She has worked with corporate clients including NSW Department of Education, Apple, Macquarie Bank, Foxtel, the National Broadband Network and Optus, and has spoken at national and international conferences, at schools, workplaces and medical conferences.

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