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Why is Parenting in the Digital Age so Hard?

There’s no denying that children are experiencing “digitalised childhoods”. Screens and devices are now an everyday part of life for most children. Their world flashes, beeps, pings and booms.


Many children today can tap, swipe and pinch screens often before they’ve learnt to ride a bike or tie their shoelaces. Research confirms that many children meet digital milestones before they meet traditional physical, developmental milestones[1].

And this is the modern parents’ digital dilemma. On one hand, we often marvel at children’s technical skills (they’re often the IT help person in many homes, as they can program the DVD player without the instructions and can set up your smartphone with ease). Navigating screens and devices are effortless and intuitive for them. (Have you ever seen a toddler manipulate a smartphone with speed and confidence?)


But on the other hand, it’s terrifying. We fret about the possible adverse impact of this digital exposure.


Are we dunking children into the digital stream too prematurely? Is this digital exposure harmful for their development? What are the long-term consequences of device-use on little ones’ health?


So I’ve created a podcast where I’ll be sharing fortnightly episodes to help you navigate young children’s digital terrain. As modern parents and educators, I know how precious our time is, so I thought if I created a podcast you can listen anywhere, anytime. My aim is to keep these podcasts short and sharp- no more than 10 minutes for most episodes. I’ll share practical advice, tips, tricks and tools so you can feel confident about how your little one uses technology. My aim for the podcast is to enable you to ditch your guilt and confusion once and for all and be armed with evidence-based information about how technology is impacting on our young children’s health, development and learning.


In this week’s episode I’ll talk about:


  • How our little ones are leading digitalised childhoods
  • Why raising kids in the digital age is hard- we have no frame of reference and we’re bombarded with myths, misconceptions, and misnomers when it comes to kids and technology
  • Why we’re worried about young children and technology (and why we should be concerned)
  • How this podcast will help modern parents

[1] AVG Study.


Let me know in the comments below, what topic/s would you like me to address in future podcasts?  I’m focusing on how parents and educators can raise healthy and happy kids in the digital age.

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I’m Dr. Kristy Goodwin

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