Raising Your Child in a Digital World - Essential tips from my book

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book


Need an expert or a quote for a story you’re running about young children growing up a digital world?

I can help you.

I’m often called on by the media for my insight and practical tips about what young children need to thrive in a digital world.

I’ve been featured in:


 I’m available for interview or comment in the media on the following topics:

//  Young children’s and adolescents' (0-16 years) use of technology

//  Screen time for young children (how much is healthy vs harmful, current guidelines)

//  Young children and technology addiction

//  Parents’ digital dilemmas (addressing issues such as sharing images of kids online, techno-guilt, techno-shame, “sharenting”, “brexting”, when to introduce social media to kids)

//  Health, wellbeing and developmental implications associated with young children experiencing “digitalised childhoods” (for example, health concerns associated with vision, posture and hearing)

//  Educational use of technology with young children

//  What today’s young children really need to thrive in an online and offline world

// Current online risks facing kids and adolescents

//  Why we need to balance kids’ ‘screen time’ with ‘green time’.

Don’t see a topic listed here? Complete the form below and see if I can help you.

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TV Appearances


Kinderling Conversation

Parents as Role Models

17 October 2017

Talking Lifestyle

Should you and your family go on a digital detox?

12 September 2017


Evenings with Christine Anu

22 August 2017

Kinderling Conversation

How Much Screen Time is Too much?

17 August 2017

Kinderling Conversation

Parental-concerns- excessive screen use

09 August 2017


Interview with Gareth Parker

05 May 2017


Interview with Gareth Parker

05 May 2017

ABC 720

Facebook Fatigue

30 November 2016


Interview with Tom Elliot

28 September 2016

ABC 720

Kids' Screen-Time

20 September 2016


I scream, you scream, we all scream for screen time: peering through the eyes of digital native

14 July 2016

Kinderling Conversation

Pokémon GO or NO? What parents with young kids need to know

13 July 2016

Kinderling Conversation

Seven tips for healthier screen habits

07 July 2016

4BC Radio

The Chris Smith Show

Children Suffering From Digital Dementia

24th June 2016


Kinderling Conversation

How to defusetoddlers' techno-tantrums

16 June 2016

702 ABC Sydney

Mornings with Linda Mottram: The F Factor: kids’ brains and technology

27 August 2015

WebTalk Radio

Win Win Parenting – The Benefits and Harms of Screen Time for Kids 0-12 Years with Dr. Rosina McAlpine

21st September 2015

891 ABC

Mornings with Ali Clarke



Tough Love

BW Magazine - Daily Telegraph

October 28 2017

Now parents need a digital detox

Adelaide Now

September 22 2017

Techno-tantrums': How to raise kids in a digital world

Greater Springfield Daily Record

September 20 2017

What are these tablets good for?
Sydney Morning
Herald – 1 July 2012
Techy Toddlers
‘Tech-y Toddlers’
(Sydney Morning Herald – 1 July 2012)

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book