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At your desk and beyond.

Decoding the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research to drive performance in the digitally-intense world we live and work in.

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Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Using neuroscience and technology to power-up performers in the digitally-demanding world.

Dr Kristy provides keys to lead, live and work more effectively for senior executives, business leaders, human resources managers, employees and entrepreneurs who are always switched on, but rarely powered up.

She shares practical brain-based solutions to tame our tech habits and the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak performance in the digitally-intense world we now work and live in.

Her brain-based tools for peak performance in a digital age play a critical role in the modern workplace to optimise efficiency, drive productivity and facilitate innovation, without having to sacrifice wellbeing. Kristy is a certified speaker professional (CSP) and recipient of the Australian Professional Speakers Association Breakthrough Speaker of the Year Award in 2023.

Tap into your neuro power and become a high-resolution human by connecting with Dr Kristy.

Power up your top performers in the digital age. Invest in your corporate staff.
Practical micro-habits from the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research.
Elevating 1:1 executives with neuroscience and biometric data.

Knowledge workers losing productivity

“The average knowledge worker only focuses for
6 minutes before digital distraction.”
Dr Kristy Goodwin.
600 hours lost annually per Australian knowledge worker.
166 hours lost to unproductive work-related chat messages (Slack, Teams etc).
45% of of global survey participants said their wellbeing has worsened in the past 12 months but 68% of managers indicated their employees’ overall wellbeing is the same or better compared to 12 months ago.
38% of global participants surveyed have experienced burnout.

Living a low-resolution life is costly

Our digital habits have left us:

We’ve adopted digital behaviours that are at odds with our Human Operating System (hOS) – the way that our brains and bodies are biologically designed to operate.

Dominate in a digital world.

Live a high-resolution life

Alignment between our neurobiology and our ways of working helps us become energised and engaged, productive and purposeful, effervescent and effortless.

Technology evolves. Humanity leads.

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