Digital Guardrails Consultancy

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Powered Up, Not Burned Out, In A Digital World.

Digital Guardrails Consultancy

Helping forward-thinking organisations establish new ways of working based on neuroscience and best-practice.

Develop your organisation’s digital framework with the Digital Guardrails Consultancy.

Dr Kristy provides consultancy services to a select number of organisations to advise them on productive work arrangements (PWAs) in the digital context.

6 step process

A six-step process to co-create a guiding principles document and culturally embed changes critical for organisations to achieve long-term results.
Step 1:
Digital Pulse Check:
Dr Kristy uses an array of tools to track your team or organisation. She gathers, analyses and reports the metrics in terms of digital productivity and wellbeing. She also uses other data such as Microsoft Viva Insights to ascertain how teams are working in a distributed fashion to garner what’s working and what needs refining.
Step 2:
Focus Groups:
Online or in-person. Key stakeholders and team members from the team work with Dr Kristy, or your nominated team members to run focus groups to learn what’s working (and what’s not) in terms of the new ways of working . These focus groups, combined with any other sources of data are analysed by Kristy to identify themes that will underpin the guardrails.
Step 3:
Set the groundwork on the risks and opportunities of working in a digital world. Learn how the brain works optimally in an online and hybrid context, outlining best practices based on psychology and neuroscience. A choice of workshops are available for you to select and these can be delivered online or in-person.
Step 4:
Guiding Principles for Hybrid Work Document:
A drafted document providing brain-based suggestions, unique to your team’s context, on how to best operate in a hybrid work context. All relevant stakeholders are looped in. Draft presented for focus group and leadership feedback.
Step 5:
Guiding Principles for Hybrid Work Launch:
Final document presented during a presentation. A Q and A session is included so staff can ask questions.
Step 6:
Cultural Embedding:
Working with team leaders and HR team to provide advice, tools and guidance on embedding the changes into organisational practice. This may involve 1:1 Executive Coaching.
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