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Dr Kristy Goodwin

Australia’s leading expert on peak performance in a digital world

A speaker used by large corporations on the topic of productivity in a digital world, Dr Kristy’s keynote insights and inspiration are used by elite corporate clients in Australia and internationally.

For senior executives, business leaders, human resources managers and staff who are always switched on, but rarely powered up, Dr Kristy provides the keys to lead, live and work more effectively.

She shares practical brain-based solutions to power up employees and leaders in the digitally-intense world they now operate in. Kristy arms audiences and clients with the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neuroscience underpinning peak performance in the technological era.

Kristy’s on a mission to leverage and decode the neuroscience of sustainable peak-performance so that employees, leaders and entrepreneurs can live a luminous life. She challenges the dominant paradigm that you need to pay an entrance fee to experience success: you don’t need to burn yourself out, experience chronic stress, live in a perpetually exhausted state to be successful. Living a life of high-performance doesn’t need to equate to being a low-res version of you. When you work with, rather than against your neurobiology, you can experience success without sacrifice. You can live a high-res life.

Her tools for peak-performance in a digital age play a critical role in the modern workplace to to optimise efficiency, facilitate communication and collaboration and drive both productivity and wellbeing.

Dr Kristy is the author of the award-winning book Dear Digital, We Need to Talk and Raising your Child in a Digital World, and is a former educator in public and private schools. Dr Kristy also lectured at Macquarie University and University of Notre Dame, and she has a PhD on the impact of digital technologies.

Dr Kristy has conducted numerous evaluations and research studies for the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities, and is regularly called on by the media to translate the latest research about screens into practical and relevant information.

“We need to ensure our digital behaviours are in congruence, not conflict, with the ways our brains and bodies are designed to function- our hOS” Dr Kristy Goodwin.

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